Apple iPhone 5 To Have Aluminium Back

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Apple is all set to release new iPhone 5 in the coming months. Similar to iPad 2 release, the launch of the new iPhone will be on a bigger scale. So next time that Steve Jobs will hit the stage you can be almost sure that he is going to unveil the latest Apple gadget, the iPhone 5. The new iPhone is slated to be supported by robust Aluminium back when compared with its predecessor. The new gadget from Appleā€™s product line is anticipated to be made available in 64 GB variant apart from the regular options of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB variants. This would give end user higher flexibility in just about no time at all. The concept of using the antenna around the aluminium body won several accolades for Apple in its new version of iPhone which will fix the antenna problems with the current iPhone 4.

Moreover, the new iPhone is anticipated to be even sleeker and stylish than its predecessor. Apple has been keen on making their devices leaner in order to boost the portability aspect of the devices. The overall design of the device would still be the same without major changes. The new A5 low power processing chip would be used for powering the device without any hassles at all. The end users would cherish using new operating system, iOS 4.3 on new iPhone 5. The new operating system platform has been enabled to provide better multitasking and multi-threading support to the end users. They can accomplish faster transactions and work on multiple applications at the same time. So if you wanted to access GPS, Internet and at the same time Face-Time application you can easily accomplish all these with the new iPhone 5 without loss in performance.

The end users can avail it at an attractive price without any hassles at all. Apple will not increase the base price of its marvel device in order to keep the interest amongst its valued customers. This would bring fruitful returns for the gadget manufacturer in the longer run. One of the much appreciated aspects about the device is that it has robust app support. It is anticipated that Apple has close to 1.5 Million apps on its app store. And that number is growing at a faster pace too. Apple has opened up its app store for end users to submit apps pertaining to various categories. Both free and paid apps are popular amongst the user base which thrives from the global frontiers. Apple is yet to officially disclose any information on the new iPhone. However, it would be interesting to note the release date of the best in class device keeping in mind the international interest and huge demand. As per the sources close to Apple it seems that the product might be released in June or August, 2011 and the scale of the release will be an order of magnitude higher than iPad 2. Therefore, if you are an Apple fan you should stay glued to the latest news and reviews in the landscape about this new gadget.

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