ASA 5505,5510 Base Vs Security Plus License

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Cisco ASA 5505 ImageCisco ASA 5510 Image

The two smallest ASA Firewall models, the 5505 and the 5510, are the only ones that have two types of licenses. They can be ordered either with a Base License or a Security Plus License. Many customers of mine are always asking me what the difference is between the two licenses (except from the price of course), so I thought it would be useful to summarize below the differences between the two license types:

Cisco ASA 5505

Base License

Security Plus License

10,000 Maximum Firewall Connections25,000 Maximum Firewall Connections
10 Maximum VPN Sessions (site-to-site and remote access)25 Maximum VPN Sessions (site-to-site and remote access)
3 Maximum VLANs (Trunking Disabled)(2 regular zones and 1 restricted zone that can only communicate with 1 other zone)20 Maximum VLANs (Trunking enabled)(No restrictions of traffic flow between zones)
No High Availability (failover) supportedSupports Stateless Active/Standby failover

Cisco ASA 5510

Base License

Security Plus License

50,000 Maximum Firewall Connections130,000 Maximum Firewall Connections
5×10/100Integrated Network Interfaces2×10/100/1000 and3×10/100

Integrated Network Interfaces

50 Maximum VLANs100 Maximum VLANs
No High Availability (failover) supportedSupports Active/Active andActive/Standby failover
No Security Contexts (Virtual Firewalls)Supports 2 Virtual Firewalls (included) and 5 maximum.
No Support for VPN Clustering and VPN Load BalancingSupports VPN Clustering and VPN Load Balancing
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  1. Joseph says


    a 5510 with base license was already purchased, can i purchase a license and upgrade it to Sec Plus?

  2. BlogAdmin says


    Yes absolutely. When you purchase the new license, Cisco will send you a new license code which you can configure it in the ASA 5510 (with command line configuration) and it will enable you all Sec Plus features.

  3. Tiago Durante says


    Does the 5510 Security Plus have the same capabilities as the 5520 VPN Plus?

    How can I compare it?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. BlogAdmin says

    The security plus for 5510 and the VPN plus license are two different things. The VPN plus license on 5520 is to double the VPN capacity of the box to support up to 750 concurrent VPN connections

  5. BlogAdmin says

    ASA5505 base license supports 3 vlans: inside, outside, and dmz. The dmz vlan can only initiate traffic to ONE of the other two vlans but not to both.

  6. Mansour says

    hi. how many site to site vpn supported on asa 5510 with security plus license ?

  7. BlogAdmin says

    I don’t remember exactly but I think is supports at least 20-30 site to site

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