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If you enjoy working with audio and video files, this software suite might be just what you need to do the job. For whatever type of multimedia job you want to do then be sure to check out this software collection. There are many digital multimedia tools on the market today but do they really work as well as they say they do? Let’s take a look at this program and see what it has to offer. This avs4you review would be an eye opener for all of you that need a complete software collection of tools packed with features at a slashed price.

The AVS software tools can convert videos and music together then allow them to be edited and remade. They can be authorized and copied. The software package only needs to be registered once. You can do that at the official website at Avs4you.com. They will then send you the 18 tool program suite. To register the program it costs $59 for unlimited license and $39 for one-year license, unless you use the Discount Coupon Code: TECH-YP0A-AVS

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What does this program has to offer? Some of the tools included with this package are an audio converter and editor, video converter and editor, an image converter, video re-maker, disc creator, DVD copier, registry cleaner, firewall, photo editor, video recorder and so much more. The video and audio converter tools can be used to convert between all key video and audio formats you can imagine. All the tools for this program are user friendly and feature rich. The AVS video converter software for example can change the format of more than 40 different video formats. It can also convert at least 200 files at one time. This is strictly a Windows based program however, and is not compatible with Mac.

Are you a person that likes to have covers for all your jewel cases? Do you have any lying around without the covers? Well this program has a Cover Editor. This editor will allow you to use graphics with some personalization to make your covers the most unique that there is. The AVS Recorder allows the user to capture screen images and webcam images better then a lot of the programs out there today.

The Avs4you program comes with a firewall and spam-blocking feature too. Both these features are extremely easy to use. Avs4you also has an entertainment tool that will allow you to make your own ringtones from scratch. This is a good way to get the ringtones that you want to use on your cell phone. The spam-blocking tool is user friendly and will pick up any unwanted files as they come through.

The software package of AVS tools offers some of the best digital multimedia programs around today. You will not only love the easy use of the programs, you will also become very addicted to them. Avs4you has everything you need for your music, video, images, system and entertainment needs. Once you get the hang of using the programs in the package, you will be able to convert your audio or video files between any format imaginable, make your own ringtones from scratch for your cell phones, convert your videos to be played on iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, Cell Phone etc and protect your computer at the same time. What more could a user ask for. Be sure to check out the home page for many more details about this product. Would you recommend it to your friends? I certainly would.

If you are not yet convinced about what you learnt as you went through the length of this Avs4you review, I would recommend you to search for the product reviews across the length and breadth of the tech forums and software communities. I am sure you will receive a very positive feedback about the product because it has been designed to delight the user.


  1. Sarah Wilkes says

    I am new to video taking I have my home desktop $ the laptop IBM T-30,I know its old but I use this when I travel the back road and trails of the west USA. I would like to know if I buy your software I will put it on my home computer but would like it to also run when I am out on the road to proof my work so when I get home I can move the video and images to the home system and finish the work then publish them..

    If I find that my thinkpad is too old to run your software I don’t want to have a copy of you software I can’t use.
    If I can do this setup I would buy one copy of AVS software now

  2. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Sarah,

    The software license is for one computer only, so it would be good for either your home computer or your laptop.

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