Capture Digital Video on PC using Firewire

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We can easily capture and transfer DV video from a camcorder to a PC using the Firewire port. You should note however that all this is done with a DV codec software that commits the resources of the central processor. In this case, a fast processor is definitely a big help. Also, the firewire port is the ideal port to use on your PC for high speed video transfer. Firewire ports can work up to 800 Mbps which makes it one of the fastest ports on a computer. After transferring the video you can use avs4you (get this avs4you coupon for huge discount) for video conversion, editing and any other multimedia task needed for your video file..

Some useful observations about this setup:

  • The firewire connection is not just a channel that allows the transit of audio and video. In many cases it gives the possibility to control the camcorder from the PC directly via virtual buttons to play, record, stop, etc . This greatly simplifies the task of searching through the video.
  • Also, thanks to the firewire link, you can set with timelines specifying the start and end frame for each sequence. In this way the PC will be able to start the search for sequences on the camcorder tape and store them all with different names, without us lifting a finger. This technique is called “batch capture” and can be done in the background.
  • Thanks to the Firewire connection, PC can capture formats other than DV. There are very few capture devices that use this connection to capture MPEG2. In these cases, the PC has to carry out an operation of recompression and conversion of native DV format to MPEG2.

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