Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Client on Cisco ASA 5500

“Sponsored Links” The convenience and advantages of secure VPNs has driven the specific technology to keep evolving continuously. Several years ago we only had the standardized IPSec VPN (which still strongly exists today). IPSec is a pure IP network VPN technology for connecting distant LAN networks over unsecured paths. Also, IPSec is used for client […]

The power of the Show Version command on Cisco ASA

Maybe the most popular and frequently used command on Cisco ASA firewalls is the one which shows the current running configuration, that is the “show run” command. However, maybe the most powerful command on Cisco ASA is the “show version” command. An example output of a show version command is shown below: CISCO-ASA#  show version […]

Connections and Translations on Cisco ASA Firewalls

In order to be able to monitor and troubleshoot your Cisco ASA firewall, you need to understand the difference between connections and translations. Refer to the diagram above for an explanation about Connections and Translations. A Connection works at the Transport Layer and includes the Source IP/Source Port and the Destination IP/Destination Port. Connections are […]