Cisco ASA Multiple Context Mode – Configuring Virtual Firewalls on Same Chassis

“Sponsored Links” A single Cisco ASA appliance can be partitioned into multiple virtual firewalls known also as “Security Contexts”. Each security context acts as a separate firewall with its own security policy, interfaces and configuration. However, some features are not available for virtual firewalls, such as IPSEC and SSL VPN, Dynamic Routing Protocols, Multicast and […]

Password Recovery for the Cisco ASA 5500 Firewall

If you have lost the administrator password to access the security appliance you can recover the password with the following steps: Step1: Connect to the firewall using a console cable Step2: Power cycle the appliance (power off and then on) Step3: Press the Escape key to enter ROMMON mode Step4: Use confreg command to change […]