Comparison of Cisco ASA5500 Vs ASA5500-X

“Sponsored Links” Although Cisco created a new series of ASA appliances (5500-X series), there are hundreds of thousands of older Cisco ASA 5500 models installed and working in networks all over the world. If you are one of those professionals who are considering to upgrade your older ASA5500 appliances with the new “X” models, I […]

Configuring site-to-site IPSEC VPN on ASA using IKEv2

The scenario of configuring site-to-site VPN between two Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances is often used by companies that have more than one geographical location sharing the same resources, documents, servers, etc. The Cisco ASA is often used as VPN terminator, supporting a variety of VPN types and protocols. In this tutorial, we are going to […]

How to configure EIGRP on a Cisco ASA Firewall

The Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance is an integrated security equipment that can perform a variety of functions like firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN, content security, unified communications, and remote access. Among these functions, the ASA can also perform routing using popular routing protocol like Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open Shortest […]

Cisco ASA 5505 DMZ with Private VLAN Configuration

The ASA 5505 is the only model that has an 8-port switch embedded in the device. All interfaces of the ASA5505 are Layer2 switch ports and thus they support some features that you can find on Cisco switches. One of these features is called “Private Vlan”. The concept of “Private VLAN” is very useful in […]

Cisco ASA Master PassPhrase

There are several configuration features on Cisco ASA that require some sort of password or secret-key that you need to enter. Some examples include: VPN pre-shared keys (either for site-to-site IPSEC VPN or for Remote Access). AAA server secret key when communicating with a RADIUS server. Routing Protocols keys (for OSPF, EIGRP). Secret key for […]