Connections and Translations on Cisco ASA Firewalls

In order to be able to monitor and troubleshoot your Cisco ASA firewall, you need to understand the difference between connections and translations. Refer to the diagram above for an explanation about Connections and Translations. A Connection works at the Transport Layer and includes the Source IP/Source Port and the Destination IP/Destination Port. Connections are […]

Cisco ASA Multiple Context Mode – Configuring Virtual Firewalls on Same Chassis

A single Cisco ASA appliance can be partitioned into multiple virtual firewalls known also as “Security Contexts”. Each security context acts as a separate firewall with its own security policy, interfaces and configuration. However, some features are not available for virtual firewalls, such as IPSEC and SSL VPN, Dynamic Routing Protocols, Multicast and Threat Detection. […]

Cisco ASA Redundant Interface Configuration

In addition to device-level failover, you can also configure interface redundancy on the same chassis of a Cisco ASA firewall. Basically you create a logical interface pair bundle (called “interface redundant“) in which you include two physical interfaces. If one of the interfaces fail, the second one in the redundancy pair takes over and starts […]