HTC Sensation XL

“Sponsored Links” Integrating the Beats technology and combined with an impressive 4.7 inch display, the new HTC Sensation XL offers unprecedented entertainment quality. HTC Corporation, a leading Smartphones manufacturing company, has recently introduced the HTC Sensation ™ XL, which integrates Beats Audio ™ technology. This latest innovation is the result of the new HTC cooperation […]

Issues Surrounding Mobile Security And Privacy Concerns

With the increased use of Android Phones, Tablets, and other mobile devices, our society becomes increasingly dependent on these forms of technology to get through their daily lives. Many of the software programs and applications offered through these devices to allow an increased ease of connectivity, personal management, and living. You can manage your finances, […]

Sequential Vs. Random Access Drives

Sequential Vs. Random Access Drives Data storage proves itself time and time again to be a primary security concern for many businesses. When investing in quality storage solutions for your company, there are many details to understand about this complicated facet of information technology. One confusing issue is the difference between sequential and random access […]

New products from Apple

Improved and faster MacBook Air and Mac mini, new Apple ThunderBolt Display screen and launch of the Mac OS X Lion are the new series of products introduced by Apple. The new MacBook Air is faster than ever, the brand new Mac mini is very powerful despite its small size, and the new Apple ThunderBolt […]

Top iPhone 5 Features To Look Out For

The magnificent communication device, iPhone, is expected to witness another re-launch in the second half of 2011. Although the official release date of the device is yet to be disclosed the gadget lovers across the globe are already anticipating a mega launch in the upcoming months. As per the industry analysts, the new iPhone 5 […]

Transfer Songs and Videos from iPod/iPhone to Computer

Below I will show you the steps to transfer music or video from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to computer with the help of cucusoft: One of the toughest things to do on an iPod, iPhone or any Apple device is to transfer media files from one device to another or to a desktop/laptop computer. […]

iPhone 5 Would Be Running on iOS4.3

Apple’s iPhone would be re-launched in upcoming months to cater to its international audience base. Apart from some of the finest set of feature enablement, the new iPhone 5 would be powered on iOS 4.3 which can handle multi tasking in a lot better manner than iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. The multi threading capability […]

iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Announced Soon

Apple is all set to announce the release date of its flagship communication device on a global scale. The sources close to Apple are seeing iPhone 5’s release somewhere in the month of July or August, 2011. Although Apple is projecting iPad 2 as their biggest gadget at the moment the things are going to […]

How To Unlock iPhone 4

In this tutorial guide I will show you two methods to unlock your iPhone 4 device with their limitations, pros and cons. Actually the first method that I will describe works for any iPhone version such as iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 with any iOS (operating system) version (up to iOS firmware 4.2.1). […]

Buy iPhone 5 This Summer

The masterpiece communication gadget from Apple, iPhone 5, is slated to be launched in July, 2011. The launch scale would be bigger and better than iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for the new iPhone. The lush gadget is expected to be lighter in weight and sleeker than iPhone 4. However, the dimensions of the device […]

Apple iPhone 5 To Have Aluminium Back

>>>Test and Keep the new iPhone 5 HERE<<< Apple is all set to release new iPhone 5 in the coming months. Similar to iPad 2 release, the launch of the new iPhone will be on a bigger scale. So next time that Steve Jobs will hit the stage you can be almost sure that he […]

Sky 3D: Bringing it to Life

The new ‘televolution’ is here. 3D, after making a huge comeback on the big screen, is now offered in the comfort of your own home, coming out of your trusty TV set. One of the leading providers of the new technology is Sky. They offer an outstanding package, including a 47 inch 3D ready television, […]

To buy or not to buy the new iPad2

Many clients are at a crossroad, wondering whether they ought to upgrade to the new edition mac or hold on to their existing ones. Authorized Apple stores and service provider tend to receive many of these questions and concerns. The preliminary reviews on Apple’s new product, the iPad 2, which has launched recently in March, […]