Introducing the Better, Brighter, MacBook Air

“Sponsored Links” In early 2015, Apple celebrated the start of the year by producing a 12-inch MacBook Air with a high-definition display and retina scan, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is expected that Apple will be shipping out “large quantities” of this new laptop, which is set to occur sometime in the second […]

Blackberry Hopes to Reinvent Itself with New Slider Phone

BlackBerry seeks to make lots of changes in itself as a company. They have plans to move away from becoming just a smartphone manufacturer, and start providing business services to their customers instead. These services include assisting companies in managing a variety of mobile devices. BlackBerry has already made announcements in regards with their new […]

SanDisk Provides the Answer to All of Your Storage Problems

SanDisk, a company that specializes in flash memory, wants you to capture as many photos and videos as possible using your smartphone. This is because they are set to release a 200GB microSD card, as well as drives that can be connected to both your computers and mobile phones in case you need some backup. […]

Samsung Promises a New Look for Their S6 Phones

Samsung’s brand new phone models, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, almost look the same. For instance, both phones run Android 5.0 Lollipop alongside high-definition 5.1-inch displays. But the latter, the Galaxy S6 Edge, will most likely get a bigger share of the spotlight thanks to its two edges that are made of curved-glass […]