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Over the last three years, people who are smart phone users, have come to expect a lot from their devices. It is no longer enough to have only the best phone features around. Items such as call quality and network coverage are very important but other features also come into play when a consumer is choosing their phone. The other options that a user might look for are whether the phone comes with a good suite of applications and robust Internet capabilities. How good the data plan is and will it allow the consumer to tether devices to the phone are also features that are important. To today’s smart phone user, these items play an important part of the decision on whether they will purchase the phone or not.

With the IPhone, users have become enticed by the amount of applications that they provide. There are so many though, that it has become hard for the average person to choose which one would be right for them. There are a ton of bad applications and time wasters that are available through the app store. One thing that the average user of the Iphone does not have, is time to waste on choosing an application. So how does one decide which application is right for them?

The first thing that you want to do, is narrow down the category that you are looking for. Are you looking for a business application? Or are you looking to find a game that you would like to play for a long trip or to entertain your kids with. The key to finding the right application, is that you know what you are looking for when you start to digitally walk down the app store aisle ways. Know what you are looking for and stick to it. It is real easy to get distracted by all the applications that the app store offers.

After you have chosen a category to look at, check the ratings for the application itself. User ratings are very helpful in determining which applications are good and which ones are junk. Every application will have a couple of negative ratings but if it seems like there is a theme brewing, it is probably best to steer clear of that application. If most people seem to have a problem with the program then it is most likely not the right one for you.

If picking a category and paying attention to the ratings are not enough, then you can search online for the answer. In the last two years there have been many blogs that have popped up, for the sole purpose of reviewing IPhone applications. They test the applications and give their opinions on it. Even if you don’t follow their opinions directly it should give you a good ideal on what the application does and if it is right for you.

Choosing which application is right for you on the IPhone can be hard. Yeah, there are a few standards that all people choose to use but once you go on your own and try to find something new, it can be difficult. Just trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to try something new out. You might be surprised.

In the short time that it has been out, the IPhone has taken America by storm. It is the number one most desired phone in all of the key spending demographics and it is considered the “it” phone to have. More and more people have been signing up to get one and it is starting to see its share of copy cats. Everyone wants a piece of the success that Apple has experienced with the IPhone. Also with this success, comes people that will try to exploit it for their own personal gains. They will try to find holes in the phone and use it against people who are not tech savvy and can prove to be an easy victim. This leads to one question that should be asked, is your IPhone safe?

For the most part, the answer is yes. Your IPhone is safe to use and you should have no problem with it. But you have to remember, it is similar to a mini computer and just like any computer there will be holes for hackers to exploit. The IPhone is not as open as other systems, when it comes to the ability to be able to find these holes, but it can be done. As a matter of fact is has been done, several times now. The good thing about these holes being found is that it didn’t affect most users and they were patched up pretty quickly. There was a case of a boy in Australia who was able to take the IPhone and change users background wallpaper without their knowledge. This was mainly done on hacked versions of IPhones but other more experienced hackers found out how to do it on un hacked versions as well.

The fact that there are modded IPhones out there, show that the security on the phone is not completely safe. Several years ago, a group of hackers that wanted to make changes on their IPhone, set about trying find a way to do that. Once they found out how to do this, they released an executable onto the Internet that allowed others with IPhones to participate as well. Apple created patches to stop this activity but the hackers defeated the fixes every time. This shows with only time and some very knowledgeable people, the security of the IPhone can be compromised.

The security intrusion that most people should worry about, when using their IPhone, is when they are using the Internet features. They can fall victim to a phishing attack, the same as anyone using a computer. For some reason, people think that there are a new set of rules when you access the Internet from the phone, than it is when you access the Internet from a computer. It is the same thing. The same damage to your credit and reputation that can be done on the computer can happen on the phone as well. If you follow the same rules as you do when you are on the computer, you should be relatively safe.

For most people, security on the IPhone should be an afterthought. There are no serious attacks out there to worry about. But do not get too confident. There is someone out there right now, working on an attack vector for IPhone users. If you are careful, you should be fine.

It is not surprising news but Google officially announced this week its first Android phone, code-named Nexus One. Made by the Taiwanese HTC, the device will be sold through its online store and the price for the U.S. market will be around $ 529. If the consumer wants to buy a connection package from T-Mobile (unfortunately it doesn’t look like this model will be available as one of the T-Mobile prepaid phones), the price may be reduced to $ 179.

Nexus One can be used on any GSM network, but is designed to operate in its best potential at 3G frequencies. Currently online sales are restricted for only consumers in America and will soon open its “gates” to the respective markets in Singapore and Hong Kong. Google has also stated that Verizon and Vodafone will play a more active role in the immediate future of Nexus One.

The agreement for selling at Europe is not binding for Vodafone, as a spokesperson for the well-known company stated in BBC, which means that other mobile providers can support the device on their network. The Nexus One, as expected, will be equipped with 3.7-inch touch screen with AMOLED technology, 5MP Camera, connectivity via Wi-Fi, accelerometer and built-in compass. Its processor will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1GHz and its front bottom trackball will be flashing when the phone receives e-mail or call.

The version of the Android operating system to be included in Nexus One will be the 2.1 with the code name Eclair and it is worth noting that the same version is also used at Motorola Droid. Currently you can find at the official website of the product all necessary details, while the following youtube video shows you a snapshot of the device from a hands-on user who has had the opportunity to come into direct contact with it.

TiVo TCD652160 HD DVR

We have been used with the legacy VCR devices and DVD Players. The newest generation of digital home entertainment, however, is much more than just a video player. A modern home entertainment video device must be able to record online and offline, interact with the internet, play different formats of digital video files, be network accessible etc etc.

TiVo TCD652160 High Definition Digital Video Recorder is one of those modern generation home entertainment units that is probably the most popular model in its field. Founded in 1997, TiVo, a pioneer in home entertainment, created a brand-new product and service category with the development of the world’s first digital video recorder (DVR). Today, the company continues to revolutionize the way consumers watch and access home entertainment, by making the TiVo DVR the focal point of the digital living room: a center for sharing and experiencing television, movies, video downloads, music, photos, and more.

Some of the characteristics of TiVo TCD652160 are the following:

  • It can replace your cable box.
  • Provides access to more than 60000 on demand video titles
  • Records two shows at once
  • Works with both cable and antenna
  • Saves up to 20 hours of HDTV (180 hours of SD)
  • Instantly watch over 12,000 movies & TV episodes from Netflix
  • Connect your TiVo to the Internet and get access to over 45,000 movies and TV shows ready to download from Amazon Video On Demand.
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Connect with the TiVo service to allow you to schedule recordings remotely, either online or from your mobile phone

Some Reviews from Amazon:

Having been totally disillusioned and disappointed with three Panasonic DMR-EZ48V DVD/VHS Recorders that failed well within their one year warranties, one after the other (yeah, three; just call us eternal optimists), we were desparate to find another product that would provide off-the-air recording and archiving. We had looked at Tivo many years ago, but written it off as a cable-only device. I was very surprised to learn that this product had a built-in digital tuner that could receive digital programming with our rooftop TV antenna. Not only could it receive and display a TV program for viewing, it could also record two other TV programs at the same time! It took the place of two DVD recorders right out of the box!

I was less than enthusiastic about paying an annual fee until I learned all that it could do. Somebody worked overtime to anticipate all the functionality and more that an owner might want. After a week in operation, we ordered and installed a second one – in the kitchen – so that my wife can watch her “soaps” and Oprah while there. Both are connected to our wireless network and DSL for interconnectivity.

Its recording capacity sounded endless – 180 hours of standard TV or 20 hours of HDTV. I didn’t account for just about everything being transmitted in HDTV – whether or not you intend to view it that way. It didn’t take long for the first “out of memory” alert message. Our safety net was found in the form of the Western Digital “My DVR Expander” with 1TB 600 Hours of Digital SD or 120 Hours of HDTV capacity. We purchased one for each TiVo and haven’t seen that warning again (yet).

Our only problem with picture quality is that we are using these TiVos on standard analog TVs and everyone looks tall and slim. This has not been a deal killer, as they are designed to work with flat panel or widescreen TVs. We’ll get there.

It was well worth the initial “sticker shock”. We love ‘em!!

G. Richards

I had a Series 2 Tivo, which I mostly stopped using after getting a large HD TV. I went started using the DVR supplied by my cable company. That device was a piece of junk; it truly made me appreciate the TiVo and all its greatness. Not only is the TiVo and easy to use reliable DVR, but it also can stream video from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and more. It also allows you to listen to music and show photos from your computer. The big draw back is the cost of the TiVo service. If you can stomach that, the rest is amazing.


Cox Digital in Phoenix, AZ, said I had to upgrade to “digital” cable. (funny, I thought all transmission had to be digital this past June) That would be $38 dollars a month plus any fees, and the rental of $4 a month for the “CableCards”. I told them to forget it, and returned the TIVO. I called TIVO and they said that COX was not telling the truth, and that all I needed was the CableCard(s). I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General and intend to follow this up with a complaint to the FCC. The TIVO’s concept is superior to the cable/Sat companies DVR.


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