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iPhone SMS Backup

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The iPhone is one of the most successful smart phones ever created. Millions of people are using it either as a normal phone or as a multimedia and communications device. Text messages (SMS messages) that you send or receive are stored on the iPhone’s internal memory but the storage capacity for SMS is limited to a certain number. Many people want to backup (export) those SMS messages either because the memory got full (therefore no more SMS can be sent or received) or because they want to save some important sms messages to their computer or maybe because they changed their phone device and they want to backup everything.

If you have a MAC computer, then you have a few free options to export and save your SMS messages (like the Syphone app for example) but if you are a Windows PC user then your options are limited. There is only one tool available for Windows PC owners for exporting their iPhone SMS messages in text file format. This is Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS software. Fortunately it is pretty cheap (just $19.95) and you can do lots of stuff with this software, such as:

  • Full management of your iPhone SMS messages (view and edit the messages on your Windows computer).
  • Transfer the SMS messages to your computer in three different file formats (text file, ANTS file, MHT file).
  • You can edit the SMS messages (if you export them in ANTS file format) or print the messages (if you export them in MHT file format).
  • If you export the SMS in ANTS file format, you can add a password protection to the file.
  • You can select if you want to export the messages from all contacts of from a single contact.

The Tansee iPhone SMS Backup utility works with all Windows operating systems (Win98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista) and supports all iPhone models such as iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Take a look at the official Tansee website for more information or download the FREE Trial version here. By the way, the company (Tansee) specializes in Apple products and develops several useful iPod, iPhone and iPad utilities which can help you to do several device-to-computer transfer tasks such as:

  • Transfer iPod songs, videos and photos to your computer.
  • Transfer songs, videos and photos from your iPhone to Windows computer.
  • Backup and transfer your iPhone contacts to computer.
  • Transfer songs, photos, videos from your iPad to Windows computer.

All products have a trial version so you can download, try them and see if they work for you. I have been using the Tansee iPhone transfer and SMS backup tools and have been very happy with them.


Long days on the keyboard can take their toll on a person. While it may not be a physical job, typing all day can create some serious physical problems. Among the benefits of using voice recognition software is much less wear and tear on your wrists and fingers. In addition, you may just find that the words are hitting the paper quicker than ever before.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a real problem for people that work on their computer all day long. Even with the best gel pads for your keyboard and mouse, the chances of escaping from pain after eight-hour days on the computer is very slim. By using this type of programming, you are eliminating the pain from ever getting a chance to fester.

The average person cannot type very quickly. Even in the day and age of the computer, there are quite a few “hunt and peck” style typists. It is rare for someone to be able to type 60 words a minute unless they have had formal training for typing. When used properly, voice recognition software can reach well over 100 words per minute.

Corrections will often create a challenge in terms of time management. To find the word and then type in the right word or phrase can take quite a bit of time. In order to make corrections with voice recognition software, you need merely speak the proper command and the word is found. Say the correction and you are on to the next correction.

Since documents are now being done quicker, this means that you stand the chance to make a lot more money than ever before. If you are typing for a living, you will now be able to get the work done in about half the time. This means that twice as much can be done every day, meaning more profits to put into the bank.

Of course, you can also bank the time if you prefer. Perhaps the decision will be made to continue with the current volume, but enjoy a little more free time. Instead of spending 10-12 hours a day at the computer, a normal eight hour day can be enjoyed and the wife and kids may even start to know your name again.

Voice recognition software may not be the greatest invention ever, but for those of us that spend our days hitting the keys, it is pretty close. Even if it is only used for relief when your wrists start to throb, it is a great investment. In addition, once you have the software, it is yours forever. From that day forward, typing happens faster and more importantly, will now be pain free. The most decent Voice Recognition Software on the market today is Dragon Naturally Speaking. Take a look at this tool on its official website.

Speak-to-type programs are software tools that use speech recognition technology to literally enable your computer to type whatever you are saying. However, while these programs offer many benefits, they need to be used properly in order for them to be effective. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your new speech recognition software.

Microphone Quality:
Many of the software programs on the market today will feature a free microphone with the purchase. In many cases, the microphone is of very low quality and while it is usable, it will hardly pick up the nuances that a top of the line microphone can. When possible, invest in high-end microphone.

Training the software:
This is a huge part of voice recognition software and one that many people do not take the time to do properly. It is important to pay attention in the very beginning to see how much of a problem the software is having picking up your accent and voice inflections. Take the time to notice this and it can make things go smoother down the road.

Proper Annunciation:
Many of us have forgotten how to annunciate words. This is a major factor in voice recognition technology and if you are not opening up your mouth and saying the words properly, the software will have little chance of actually getting the word right. Make sure you say every syllable and say them clearly.

Talk Slow:
This is especially true in the very beginning. Over time, the software will get better at picking up your voice when speaking quicker, but give it time to learn how you say the words. While you do not have to talk ridiculously slow, speak a little slower than conversational tone over the first few weeks.

Use the software All The Time:
A lot of people will only use the program sparingly and this defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. Most programs can also be used for surfing the web. This added practice will benefit the training of the software and also keep you focused on talking the right way when using it.

Nobody wants to spend all day typing out documents. Speech recognition software is a great way to get all of your computer tasks done quicker. By taking the time to train yourself and software, your chances of continuing to use the program increases, as does the accuracy rating of the software itself. If you are interested to purchase a voice recognition software, the best one on the market today is Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Visit the official website of Dragon Speech Recognition to read about its features and benefits that make this tool the top in its class.

Frustration is often something that settles in for people that spend long hours on their keyboard. Typing hour after hour is not only exhausting, but it can also present some health problems. In order to keep up your productivity and to avoid some very painful health issues, think about using Dragon speech recognition software.

One of the largest challenges for anyone who has to spend their day on the keyboard is being able to get through to the end of the day without their wrists and finger joints being on fire. People who do not have to type for a living will often laugh at the fact that typists complain about pain. However, carpel tunnel syndrome is hardly something to laugh about and can even require surgery.

Another physical challenge of typing is a sore forearm. When most people type, the muscles and tendons in their forearm are tense and can get quite fatigued. Over time, this can continue to get worse to the point of severe pain. If it is not addressed, it can be painful to even try and lift your arm off the table.

There is one more immediate area that is affected by spending too much time typing and it is your elbows. A lot of people will end up resting their elbows on the end of the desk as they type. This will put pressure on a tendon that is in that area and this can cause shooting pains that will travel back down to the hands, up through the back and neck. Does the word migraine mean anything to you?

In addition to health issues, there are also some very positive production reasons to use this program. Typing has become a part of just about everyone’s job these days. Unfortunately, not many people have had any formal training and they end up wasting a lot of time hunting and pecking at keys when they should be out on the floor.

By using voice recognition software, even the slowest typist can pump out upwards of 100 words a minute. Instead of taking an hour to do an end of shift report, it can take less than 15 minutes. Someone that gets paid on piecework would benefit because they can now produce double or even triple the work that they were providing before.

If you find that you are moving too slow on the keyboard or are having health issues from typing, Dragon speech recognition software may be the solution. This is far and away one of the best programs on the market and can alleviate both productivity and health challenges. You may soon find that you are not only experiencing pain free work, but that everything is also getting done a lot quicker.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

Typing documents can be quite a challenge in many professions. While we think that the only people that are responsible for typing a lot of documents are “common workers,” there are plenty of professionals that need to type significant sized documents. This is one of the reasons that programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 are so popular among professions such as lawyers and doctors. Voice recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes in handy when you want to create a lot of documents fast and without too much hassle.

People who do not generally type up a lot of documents can find themselves challenged when faced with this task. However, it still has to be done and if they have to do it all by themselves, they can end up spending hours at a computer for something that would only take their assistant or secretary a few minutes to do.

We all have the impression that doctors and lawyers make enough money to employ a full staff, but the reality of this situation is that those in private practice are being hit just as hard as everyone by the recent economy. Because of this, they are forced with the same labor cuts and trimming of the budget as every other business around. They now find themselves doing tasks that they never thought they would have to do.

Documentation is a large part of both the medical and legal professions. In most cases, doctors and lawyers have staff to handle this, but today that has all changed. However, just because they have to do it does not mean that they are very good at it. As you can imagine, typing was probably the last skill that they thought that they would ever need during their studies.

Using a speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 can take the worry out of the nights at the office when it is time to start the paper trail. The program is easy to use and once some practice with the software has been completed, a person that has never used a keyboard can find 100 words or more a minute flying across the screen. This enables them to be more efficient and not waste a lot of time doing a task that they are not exactly thrilled about.

The beauty of this specific program is the fact that there are versions that are available specifically for Doctors and Lawyers. These are Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal Edition and Medical Edition. The medical and legal terms are already programmed in the software (specialized vocabulary is included) which will have no problem recognizing or spelling the most technical language and terms. As the program gets trained in that individual’s voice, the typing will be just about perfect.

While no program can take the place of a person, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 comes pretty close. The program touts 99% accuracy and has the ability to be expanded into both the legal and medical fields. If you find that times are tough and cuts have to be made, rest easy knowing that you will not have to spend every night typing away until the wee hours of the morning.

For more information about Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for Legal and Medical professions, visit the official Nuance WebSite Here (Nuance is the company selling the product). You can find plenty of testimonials and case studies to help you decide whether the product is right for you.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10 by Nuance

Working on the computer all day long can lead to quite a few problems. While there is not much that can be done about tired eyes, the newest Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 can help with sore fingers, wrists and the possibilities of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, creating documents with 3 to 4 times faster rate than typing them is another great advantage of Dragon Naturally Speaking. Voice recognition software is becoming more and more popular, and this is one of the best in the market. Before continuing with our Dragon Naturally Speaking Review, let’s talk a little bit about speech recognition software and what you should expect from such a program.

What you should expect from Speech Recognition Software

Understanding voice recognition software is all about having the right expectations. While they will eliminate the need to type, they will also have to be trained, and this can take some time. When we talk about “training” we mean to make the voice recognition software understand our voice better and convert our speech into written words with better accuracy. This means that if your speech is not clear enough or your annunciation is not good, the software will have a hard time to get the word right. There is some training that happens right out of the box, but the program will more than likely continue to make some mistakes. The more the program is used and that corrections are made, the more likely it is to get better. So keep in mind the training factor when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, although the company touts a 99% accuracy for this particular product (which I believe is valid with the proper training).

First Impression from Dragon Naturally Speaking

Out of the box, Dragon Naturally Speaking is pretty easy to use. The installation goes relatively quickly and the setup does not take much time at all. The software works on all modern Windows versions (XP, Vista, Win 7). As far as hardware resources needed, the software comes with a microphone headset but requires a PC with 16-bit sound card and a DVD. Even the training process will go fairly quickly. You will need to create a user profile and train the program to recognize your voice. There are several sample text passages that you need to dictate in order for the software to get familiar with your enunciation. Pay particular attention when training to see how easy the program is actually picking up what you are saying, as this will give you a better idea of the speed at which you can talk when using the program for real.

Software Editions Available

The software’s pricing depends on which product edition best fits your needs. There are five major editions available: Dragon Home, Dragon Premium, Dragon Professional, Dragon Legal and Medical:

Dragon Home:

If you only need the tool just for its basic functionality (that is, to type words as you talk using the most popular word processors like MS Word, Open Office, Outlook etc), then go for the cheapest Dragon Home Edition. You can also create emails, search the web, update your Facebook page, speak commands for your computer and many more.

Dragon Premium:

The Premium Edition includes all the features of the Home Edition plus many more. You can dictate text into all software applications that you use every day, no matter if it’s a custom program or your favorite instant messaging client. It supports also mobile devices among many other features.

Dragon Professional:

Professional Edition is for office use with its networking and security capabilities, support for filling out forms and for custom commands etc. It is ideal for enterprise environments where you can deploy centrally managed voice profiles, custom vocabularies etc. It is also Section 508 Certified and can help organizations meet their disability management needs.

Dragon Legal and Medical Editions:

The Legal Edition and Medical Edition are for lawyers and doctors respectively, as they include extra preconfigured vocabularies with legal and medical specific terms.


I think the biggest drawback of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the microphone headset that comes with the product. It is recommended that if you do not already have a good headset, get one. You can find a good noise-canceling microphone for under $20. The quality of the microphone will go a long way in making this software much more effective. The one that comes with the program is of low quality, but that is par for the course with these programs. Do not let the added cost of the microphone deter you from buying the product because it will be the same regardless of the program that is being used. I suggest you to try the included microphone first to see how it works for you, because some people found it ok.


Accuracy is pretty good, but you are going to have to take your time when speaking. They tout 99% accuracy, but this is going to take some time to achieve. Very few of us speak clear enough for the program to truly be able to recognize every word that we say. If you take your time and annunciate every word, after a few weeks the program will do a great job of picking up just about every word. It may not be so much a matter of training the software as it is retraining you on how to speak.


Overall, Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 is about as good as it gets. We consider the microphone inconsequential because every program out there that included one is of low quality. While this headset will serve its purpose, the software is much more effective with a high-quality headset. There is also the price to consider, but you do truly get what you pay for when it comes to voice recognition software. It will take some training, but the software offers the best alternative to typing. Once you become proficient in speaking to the software, 100-120 words a minute with few or no mistakes is very achievable. Actually, this article was created by dictating using Dragon. It made a couple of mistakes but overall I’m very satisfied with this software.

How to recover deleted files for free

I understand your frustration when you have accidentally deleted some important files from your computer, such as documents, family pictures, movie files etc. This has happened to all of us. If this is the case, do not panic. There is a good chance to recover your deleted files.

Let me discuss first some theory behind file recovery. A computer hard disk or any other storage device (USB drives, external disks etc) store each file on a specific area on their surface and then the operating system creates an “indexing table” which specifies the exact disk area where each file is stored. This is used in order for the computer to locate and retrieve the file whenever necessary. Now, when you delete a specific file, you actually delete the “index pointer” for that file and NOT the actual file contents. The operating system thinks that the file is removed but actually the file is still on the disk. Ofcourse, the operating system marks that file area as “empty” so that it can write another file later on if needed. If the operating system did not write other data on top of the deleted file disk area, then you can recover that deleted file.

There are file recovery software on the market today that are capable to scan your computer drive and find any deleted files that can be recovered. I will suggest two of them, one which is completely free and one which you can try out for free and then you can purchase if you find it useful. The first free software is Recuva and the other file recovery software that I recommend is Paretologic Data Recovery program. The later is a commercial tool (very good tool by the way) which you can download and try it for free. First try out the completely free Recuva tool and if it does not find the files you want to recover, then download the Paretologic Data Recovery tool and give it a try (free scanning).

I hope you find the precious lost files that you are looking for. Good luck!!

All the devices and hardware components that you install on your computer have drivers. A Driver is a special piece of software code which is responsible to make a specific device or hardware component to operate properly and communicate with the computer operating system. Every once in a while these drivers get updated, either to synch them with new devices that might be attached to the computer themselves such as peripherals, or simply get them to run better. While most operating systems have automatic driver updating features, not everyone get updates especially those copies not certified by the software company. Windows, for example, does not update pirated operating systems.

So the option for the computer owner is to manually search and download the updates, get certified drivers, or buy a program that updates drivers automatically.  This last option is often the most preferable, because manual updating is time-consuming as well as highly prone to errors, some irreversible. Getting certified drivers means you have to pay for the license, and you sometimes get unwanted bothersome information from the manufacturer that clogs up the driver databank. Automatic updating gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and often worth more than the cost.

There are several top driver update tools available online: DriverCure, DriverChecker, DriverDetective, and DriverGenius. All of them promise perfect solutions to your driver update problems and instant updates from all over, but one software that surpasses all is DriverRobot.  It boasts of a number of advantages over the others that puts it ahead. Some of them are:

  • Database of drivers for over 100,000 devices: obsolete, discontinued, in market, new. The biggest driver database.
  • Automatic and constant search for new updated drivers released from manufacturers so database of drivers is never outdated
  • Compatible with all Windows versions including 64-bit Vista and Windows 7
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Updates installed in proprietary servers so updates are available although the device manufacturer’s website is down
  • Usable even in new computers without drivers that are not online
  • Complete old and new updates
  • Full or repair backups available
  • 24/7 service and technical support
  • Most reliable hardware scan to detect all devices on the computer in order to update with the most proper drivers.

Some of the drivers DriverRobot can update automatically are drivers for sound cards, printers, routers, DVDs, AC97s, USBs, motherboards, Bluetooth, FireWire, Ethernet, Windows Vista,  Windows XP, wirelesses, chipsets, webcams, video cards, and so on.  Now if that is not a comprehensive coverage, none would be.

But definitely, DriverRobot is not a perfect software that can universally solve all of your computer problems, since all the problems cannot be foreseen. What it can do, however, is update your drivers and solve any device hardware problems discovered by the manufacturer; the rest may be solved by the technical support that you can reach anytime, all the time.  But by far, DriverRobot is still the best option you can take when it comes to updating computer drivers automatically.

Unless, of course, you love updating drivers manually, and would like to gamble on your computer crashing because of device conflicts and incorrect driver installation. The choice is still up to you. As always.

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