Cisco ASA 5550

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Cisco ASA 5550 Features

Now let us see the next ASA model in the series which is the Cisco ASA 5550. With over one gigabit firewall performance (1.2 Gbps) this appliance can be easily used on ISP public services segments or on medium data rate campuses and data centers. From this model and up, there is no support for Security Services Module (SSM), so basically you can not include an IDS/IPS or Content Inspection functionality integrated inside the box. However, with this model you get the advantage of having eight gigabit integrated copper ports (8-10/100/100) PLUS four optical gigabit ports (4 SFPs), which means you will not run out of network port capacity easily.

Let’s see the features of the ASA 5550 in more detail below:

  • Maximum firewall connections:650,000
  • Maximum firewall throughput (Gbps): 1.2 Gbps
  • Max Packets per second (64 byte): 600,000
  • Maximum firewall connections/second: 36,000
  • Maximum 3DES/AES VPN throughput: 425 Mbps
  • Maximum site-to-site and remote access VPN sessions: 5000
  • Maximum SSL VPN user sessions: 5000
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • System Flash: 64MB
  • Integrated ports: 8-10/100/1000 + 1-10/100 + 4-SFP Gigabit
  • Maximum VLANs: 250
  • SSM Expansion Slots: Not Available
  • Intrusion Prevention: Not Supported (need external box)
  • Content Security (anti-virus, anti-spyware, file blocking): Not Supported
  • Latest Software version:8.2 (as of April 2009)
  • Application-layer firewall services: Supported
  • Layer 2 transparent firewall: Supported
  • Security contexts: 2 (Included), 20 (Maximum, with license)
  • GTP/GPRS inspection: Supported (needs license)
  • High availability support: Active/Active, Active/Standby
  • SSL and IPsec VPN services: Supported
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