Cisco Cius Tablet PC

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Cisco Systems has recently announced its new tablet PC, thereby targeting the market that Apple’s iPad dominates for the moment. The Cisco Cius, will use the Android operating system from Google, while its battery life will be able to last for eight hours.

According to the company, Cisco Cius testing will begin in 2010, and the device will be available to consumers in 2011. The tablet weighs a little more than a pound, while its screen is seven inches, in contrast to the 9.7-inch screen of iPad. Moreover, Cius will have two cameras, a high resolution in front and a 5 Megapixels camera at the back.

Cius will provide email, instant messaging, internet access with Wi-Fi and 4G. Cisco said that the device is designed to provide professionals the ability to create and share content from any location. “This platform can change the way health professionals treat their patients, merchants provide services to their customers or how universities provide education to their students” said Tony Bates, Senior Vice President of Cisco.

Last month, Dell announced the upcoming release of its own tablet PC called Streak, which will also use Android as operating system. It seems that competition for the Apple’s iPad is heating up in the tablet PC market.

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