Fix Windows Problems Without a PC Technician

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If your computer needs a tune up there are many ways to fix Windows problems. Most problems are simple and easily fixed with some Google searching or software upgrades. Another option is to purchase repair services online that will scan your computer and automatically fix any problems. The point is, you can fix many Windows problems from home without having to rely on a PC technician.

PC technicians are expensive and inconvenient. Do you really want a complete stranger to have access to all of your personal files and information? Do you really want to take the time to first find a technician, then have him come to your house? You can drop your computer off at a repair shop, but who has the time to do all of that driving?

You can fix Windows problems on your own. You don’t have to be a science geek or have a PHD to fix Windows problems. It only takes a bit of patience and knowing where to look. Searching on Google is the first option for people who have some technical background and know how to fix some basic computer errors. Also, there are windows repair software available which can boot up a computer which does not start, fix blue screens, recover data from crashed hard disk, recover lost passwords etc. Such a software is Spotmau Powersuite which comes on a bootable CD with many many excellent repair features or you can purchase a Quick Fix service with which a real online technician will connect to your PC and repair it. EDIT: There is a new version of Spotmau 2011 repair software available now. The packages are split into Spotmau Powersuite and Spotmau Bootsuite while the Spotmau Golden Edition is the combination of the two products. A full Spotmau Review can be found on the previous link.

When you get an error report, it is very important that you allow Windows to send a report to Microsoft. This is how they find bugs in their programs. Once the problem is determined, the software engineers at Microsoft go about finding a solution to the problem. This is where Windows updates come in. Always allow updates on your computer. These updates fix errors and will solve many minor problems.

The best way to find viruses and malicious spyware is to run a scan from a couple of different antivirus tools. An antivirus tool is a program that looks for viruses, corrupt programs, spyware, and other malware that can cause your computer to become sluggish. Detected problems are fixed with the same program. However, files that got corrupted from viruses are not fixed by the antivirus tools. To fix those files you need specialized repair software such as Reimage. This tool fixes Windows XP online by replacing the corrupted Windows files with new files from a repository of 25 million original Microsoft files database. Check out the following Reimage Review for more information and details.

Don’t be afraid to fix Windows problems. You can do it on your own with instructions from the Internet, or by using specialized software or by using an online repair service. If you hesitate to use one of the repair software or services, keep in mind that most companies have on-line support to answer your questions and offer money back guarantees.

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