How to recover my Windows 7 product key

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Let’s Say you want to reinstall your system since it is corrupted, but you forgot your Windows 7 product key. Have you been worried that your Windows 7 product key has been lost? Have you been worried that you will have to purchase another product key?

Spotmau BootSuite 2011 is the solution for you. One of Spotmau’s BootSuite 2011 highly recommended functions — Password Kit — can help you.

MS Key Finder in “Password Kit” is an effective and powerful recovery tool. It checks a system for all possible MS product keys, and shows you the product keys immediately with the option to select which one you want to recover. With it, you will be able to find out almost all hidden MS product keys including all Windows product keys, Microsoft Office product keys, etc.

Procedure of finding back Microsoft products key:

1. Double click Spotmau icon and enter BOOT SUITE 2011 interface, follow these steps: Self Service —> PowerSuite 2010 Wincare–>Password Kit –> MS Key Finder, then you can see the interface looked just like the following picture.

2. Afterward, you can either write down the Microsoft products key you need (if so, to put them in a safe place is suggested.)

3. Or you can export them as a .txt file by clicking“Export”.A “Save to file” dialog will pop up, and you can specify the destination for the file or rename it.

4. Click”Save”, MS Key Finder will finish its task for you. And the whole process is finished.

With the same procedures you can find out your lost product keys of Microsoft Office(2003/2007) and Windows XP (all versions), Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows 2003 (all versions) ,Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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