How to Enjoy the New Xbox Music Features

Xbox Music Pass

Last Wednesday, Microsoft announced that Xbox Music would no longer be just a paid music streaming service. The new functionality lets you upload the music that you already have in your OneDrive account, and play it on your Xbox. So now, music from your very own personal library can be placed inside OneDrive’s Music folder […]

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How to Remove Bothersome Bloatware


A lot of people usually ignore the pre-loaded apps found on their phones or computers. These apps take up plenty of storage space and some of them start automatically when you switch on your phone or computer, which can slow down the machine. What’s worse is that some of these apps have annoying banners that […]

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Three Ways to Update Your PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 USB

  The newest update to the PlayStation4 system software was released last February. This can be used to update your software to version 2.04. You can also update the PS4 system software using any of these methods: Using the Internet – These things are required to be able to perform the update: A Playstation 4 […]

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How to Increase Storage for Android Devices

Android Apps

After a couple of uses, an Android-powered tablet or phone will eventually get cluttered with tons of pictures, apps, widgets, cached files, and more miscellaneous data that takes up lots and lots of storage over time. It’s fairly easy to increase the amount of storage space on an Android tablet or phone – Just follow […]

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