iPhone 5 Would Be Running on iOS4.3

Apple’s iPhone would be re-launched in upcoming months to cater to its international audience base. Apart from some of the finest set of feature enablement, the new iPhone 5 would be powered on iOS 4.3 which can handle multi tasking in a lot better manner than iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. The multi threading capability of the new OS has been implemented on iPad 2 and the same is set to bolster the performance of new iPhone.

One of the much talked about features of iPhone 5 is that it would be enabled on A5 processor chip. As a result faster and better performance would be delivered to the customers as they play around with the apps in a seamless manner. The overall throughput of the device would increase by manifolds and the customer delight would reach higher scale levels too.

Apple has been known for manufacturing stable devices which are powered on dedicated OS platforms for tablets or phones. The OS platform of Apple has been known for providing higher degree of performance to one and all. Several OS’ are unstable for the phone or tablet environment, however Apple’s proprietary technology suite has a proven track record of delighting its customers with finest set of features and reliable operation. So even the competing manufacturers cover up in the OS front going forward it would be tough for them to make up for the post sales and customer service support. Apple’s iPhone 5 would eventually be the first preference amongst the value seeking customers.

The better OS platform would support some of the resource heavy applications and in turn prove to be as the value proposition for the end customers. One should seek out for these fine set of features while trying to purchase the new iPhone 5 from Apple’s store online. There is a possibility of few apps being factory installed on to the device for end customers to take benefit from on the go. The plethora of apps on Apple’s app store can offer a range of free and paid apps to choose from. One can select through the apps of their interest and make unified decisions for procuring it in a seamless manner on the move. The gaming apps and business apps are popular amongst the customers. The iPhone can be used as a gaming console, stock trading platform and as a musical or video interface. This makes it a complete device which can cater to the special needs of customers apart from regular phone features.

Get going and look to buy iPhone 5 from the official online source. You can also avail it from the authorised retailers and Apple retail showrooms. The genuine accessories and equipment should be bought by the end customers in order to experience the ultimate thrill. The market is full of fake iPhone product and other counterfeit products. However, if you get your hands-on to the new iPhone you’d notice the superior change that you have not witnessed so far in the counterfeit devices.

Apple is all set to announce the release date of its flagship communication device on a global scale. The sources close to Apple are seeing iPhone 5’s release somewhere in the month of July or August, 2011. Although Apple is projecting iPad 2 as their biggest gadget at the moment the things are going to take up newer propositions after the release of the new iPhone 5. The end customers who are planning to choose amongst iPad 2 and iPhone 5 would be required to make a difficult choice. The price point of the device would not change and it might be the case that Apple would further reduce the price tag of its marvel communication device.

There are rumours that this time round the maker would offer 64 GB version of the phone apart from the regular league of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. This would give higher flexibility and options for the end user to choose from. Since the iPhone is capable of doing and accomplishing a lot more than the standard phones out there the aspiration amongst the end users for better storage capacity will be fulfilled. For business professionals and students who are required to juggle between data sources would cherish using the platform in a seamless manner. The design of the communication extravaganza would be kept unaltered by the maker in order to meet the strong demand for portable devices. However, a sleeker and trendier iPhone is on the cards for sure this time round.

One of the concerning aspects for Apple has been the production lag by Chinese contractor arising from chip procurement. The huge demand has skewed the graph in favour of Apple however; it has acted against them too. They are unable to cater to several strategic international markets in Asia Pacific where smuggled iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are being sold. It would be interesting to note Apple’s global launch strategy amidst huge demand from all corners of the globe. In case they are unable to sort out manufacturing delays the iPhone 5 release would be delayed too. Therefore, one should act in a methodical manner while weighing their options. The regular timelines for shipment of the product may vary from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Therefore, if you are an Apple lover you should pre-book your gadget at the time of pre-booking window. You’d cherish the benefits of availing the device in 3-4 weeks time span than the delayed span of 6 weeks.

The end customers should count their options in advance while trying to benefit from the supreme device. The robust app support and some of the finest set of feature enablement has taken the overall utility of the product to newer heights. The new features such as better camera support, faster processor and cleaner OS enablement would enhance the value of new iPhone in a positive manner. For current iPhone 4  users, you can enhance the app support and other features by learning how to unlock iPhone 4. Get going and look to showcase new iPhone 5 in your hands before you end up being in the long queue for the phone.

How To Unlock iPhone 4

In this tutorial guide I will show you two methods to unlock your iPhone 4 device with their limitations, pros and cons. Actually the first method that I will describe works for any iPhone version such as iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 with any iOS (operating system) version (up to iOS firmware 4.2.1). The second method works for iPhone 4 running iOS versions 3.1.3 up to 4.0.

Some of you may be asking: Is it Legal? Ofcourse it is. In the USA and in European countries it is perfectly legal. Actually the U.S Copyright Office explicitly allowed iPhone Users to use their phones with applications that are not available from Apple’s store, and to unlock their iPhones for use with any cellular mobile carriers. So do not worry at all since unlocking your iPhone is perfectly legal.

METHOD 1: Easy and Safe but costs $25

OK, the first method that I will show you is not free. It will cost you $25 from what I remember but it works for ANY iPhone model (2G, 3G, 3GS, and 4) and for ANY software/firmware version (4.2.1, 4.2, 3.2, 3.1, etc).

However, the most important thing to consider is that this method is Safe for your device and also it includes a step-by-step guide so that even novice users can do it with no hassle. I suggest you to use this method (even if its not free) so that you won’t worry about any damage that might be caused to your iPhone which is a risk when you try to do it manually.

So here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to http://www.iphoneunlock.co/
  2. Click on the “UNLOCK” link at the top and follow the instructions.
  3. After you purchase you will receive all the required software (works for both MAC and Windows) and full user guide for unlocking you iPhone. You can get the product from HERE.

Some of the advantages of using this unlocking method are:

  • Works for ANY country no matter from which country you bought your iPhone or what SIM card and mobile carrier you are going to use.
  • They provide support 24/7 in case you have questions.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Lifetime subscription with one-time fee. You will be notified by email for any new iPhone updates and when their software is updated to support the latest Firmware.
  • Can use iPhone on any network after unlocking.
  • The Unlocking software works on both Windows and MAC computers.

So if you don’t want to mess around and keep searching the Internet for an unlock solution, just visit http://www.iphoneunlock.co/ for an easy and safe unlocking solution.

METHOD 2: Free but a little complicated and Risky

For iPhone 4 running firmware versions 3.1.3 – 4.0:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and also that 3G is turned off from your phone’s settings (Settings>General>Network).
  • Launch a browser like Safari and go to the site www.jailbreakme.com
  • This site will install an application on your iPhone (called ‘cydia‘) and will jailbreak your device. Jailbreaking is the first step necessary before unlocking your phone.

  • Now you will find the app named ‘cydia’ installed on iPhone from the site that you visited above.
  • Open ‘cydia’ and search for the word ‘ultrasn0w’. Now based on what version of ultrasn0w you are seeing, do the following :

If ultrasn0w version is less than 1.0.1, follow the below steps :

  • Press the Manage button and select Sources > Edit > add. Type ‘repo666.ultrasn0w.com’ without the quotes. What this does is to add a repository location which includes upgraded ultrasn0w versions higher than 1.0.1
  • Restart the iPhone.
  • Again open cydia and now check the version of ultrasn0w. It would have been upgraded.
  • Press the install button to install ultrasn0w. The iPhone is now unlocked!

If ultrasn0w version is greater than 1.0.1 :

  • Simply press the install button to install ultrasn0w. This will unlock the iPhone.

However doing the above can be a bit confusing and also time consuming plus it won’t work on iPhone 4 that is running iOS 4.x and above or below 3.1.3. Also, the above mentioned hack won’t work with iPhone4 running firmware version greater than 4.0.

Benefits for Unlocking Your iPhone

There are numerous advantages for having an unlocked iPhone. The most important of them are:

  • You can use the phone on any mobile carrier.
  • You can insert any SIM card (post or pre-paid card).
  • You can download and install a wide range of apps, games, software, wallpapers, themes, ringtones etc for free.
  • You can do more customizations and changes on the device that previously were not allowed.

Buy iPhone 5 This Summer

The masterpiece communication gadget from Apple, iPhone 5, is slated to be launched in July, 2011. The launch scale would be bigger and better than iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for the new iPhone. The lush gadget is expected to be lighter in weight and sleeker than iPhone 4. However, the dimensions of the device would be kept same as that of iPhone 4 and so would be the price tag of the phone. Unlike iPhone 4 where Verizon was the latter entrant, the new iPhone will have AT&T and Verizon as its premier carriers from Day 1 onwards. However, the customers would be required to serve 2 year contract with a service provider. They can switch to another provider on completion of the contract and the device will be unlocked from their network.

(Picture Credit: designedbyitem.com)

Apple would highlight custom accessories for iPhone 5 on their store including Polyurethane cases which can be availed in $25 and Leather cases for $ 50 mark. The accessory lovers can also avail external USB dock, keyboard and VGA apart from the protective cases at the time of purchase. These remarkable set of features can enhance the overall utility of the device by manifolds in seemingly no time at all. Therefore, one should look to leverage from the finest set of possibilities in least span of time.

The finest app support and robust hardware of iPhone has made it a preferred device amongst professionals, students and tech geeks. They all like to use the communication device for their personal and professional tasks. It is one such complete device which can translate in to quick reply and response communication through vivid feature set. The Face Time application for instance can be used anytime by the people to connect with their remote teams and contacts on the go. The prime features of iPhone separate it from the league of the rest smart phones.

For those who are limited on budget can buy the device at attractive EMI rates from the leading financial institutions. Some of the banks offer dedicated finances at competitive interest rates to the end customers on the go. The differentiating aspect of the new iPhone 5 in design terms is that the antenna is fused with the outer covering of the phone itself. This makes it an attractive and compact device. The touch screen platform of iPhone has been adapted by competing equipment manufacturers on the go. They have adapted the design and exterior looks of the device to better suit their needs. However, the rich and stable platform of iOS is hard to replicate for the competing makes. The value centric audiences should look to gain more from the fine set of features of iPhone 5 at all times. They can transform business performance and provide better customer support to the audiences in a seamless manner without any constraints at all. Therefore, ensure to act smart and make right moves before Apple’s iPhone orders goes in long queues without any constraints at all on the move.

Apple iPhone 5 To Have Aluminium Back

>>>Test and Keep the new iPhone 5 HERE<<<

Apple is all set to release new iPhone 5 in the coming months. Similar to iPad 2 release, the launch of the new iPhone will be on a bigger scale. So next time that Steve Jobs will hit the stage you can be almost sure that he is going to unveil the latest Apple gadget, the iPhone 5. The new iPhone is slated to be supported by robust Aluminium back when compared with its predecessor. The new gadget from Apple’s product line is anticipated to be made available in 64 GB variant apart from the regular options of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB variants. This would give end user higher flexibility in just about no time at all. The concept of using the antenna around the aluminium body won several accolades for Apple in its new version of iPhone which will fix the antenna problems with the current iPhone 4.

Moreover, the new iPhone is anticipated to be even sleeker and stylish than its predecessor. Apple has been keen on making their devices leaner in order to boost the portability aspect of the devices. The overall design of the device would still be the same without major changes. The new A5 low power processing chip would be used for powering the device without any hassles at all. The end users would cherish using new operating system, iOS 4.3 on new iPhone 5. The new operating system platform has been enabled to provide better multitasking and multi-threading support to the end users. They can accomplish faster transactions and work on multiple applications at the same time. So if you wanted to access GPS, Internet and at the same time Face-Time application you can easily accomplish all these with the new iPhone 5 without loss in performance.

The end users can avail it at an attractive price without any hassles at all. Apple will not increase the base price of its marvel device in order to keep the interest amongst its valued customers. This would bring fruitful returns for the gadget manufacturer in the longer run. One of the much appreciated aspects about the device is that it has robust app support. It is anticipated that Apple has close to 1.5 Million apps on its app store. And that number is growing at a faster pace too. Apple has opened up its app store for end users to submit apps pertaining to various categories. Both free and paid apps are popular amongst the user base which thrives from the global frontiers. Apple is yet to officially disclose any information on the new iPhone. However, it would be interesting to note the release date of the best in class device keeping in mind the international interest and huge demand. As per the sources close to Apple it seems that the product might be released in June or August, 2011 and the scale of the release will be an order of magnitude higher than iPad 2. Therefore, if you are an Apple fan you should stay glued to the latest news and reviews in the landscape about this new gadget.

AVS Document Converter

I’ve had avs4you software product bundle since last year and have been using it extensively. However the company behind the product keeps surprising me positively from the additions that they make to the bundle every now and then. The new added software that was included recently is AVS Document Converter, a great tool that allows you to convert documents between all key formats you can think of.

Just to let you know, AVS4YOU is a software package which includes 19 different software utilities, ranging from video converters and editors, to firewall, registry cleaner, audio tools, document converter etc. Basically you purchase the whole package as one product which includes all the tools. Read this avs4you review for more information and for reading other user’s testimonials.

Features of Document Converter

Now, AVS Document Converter is a nice addition to the already rich software package and comes really handy in many cases. In numerous times I wanted to convert a word DOC into a PDF or vice-versa. The tools can convert between all key document formats, such as PDF, HTML, HTM, MHT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX, TXT, TIFF, TIF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, XPS, GIF, JPEG etc.

Some features of the tool are:

• Convert various document formats
• Transfer regular text formats to e-Pub format and create your own e-books easily.
• Apply watermark or protect documents with a password.
• Compress your file documents.
• Take a regular document and convert it to HTML format for publishing to a web page.
• Extract images from documents (e.g from PDF files).
• Restrict editing, printing, copying accordingly.

System Requirements

All avs4you tools work only on Windows operating systems. It is supported on Windows XP, VISTA, 2003 and Windows 7.

Try it Before You Buy

All avs4you tools can be downloaded individually (or all of them at once from banner below) so you can install and test them on your PC. If you like it, you will need to purchase either the “One Year License” or the “Unlimited Time License” and get ALL the tools in the bundle.

DOWNLOAD AVS Converter Here

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avs4you download

Sky 3D: Bringing it to Life

The new ‘televolution’ is here. 3D, after making a huge comeback on the big screen, is now offered in the comfort of your own home, coming out of your trusty TV set.

One of the leading providers of the new technology is Sky. They offer an outstanding package, including a 47 inch 3D ready television, a Sky+ HD box and 12 months subscription to Sky HD and the Sky World package, which incorporates Sky’s top movies, sports and entertainment channels.

Sports in particular are proving hugely popular in the 3D format. There are loads of venues around the UK operating as Sky 3D hosts. Pubs and bars are bringing the 3D experience to their customers with some of the best action from the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League and the Euro 2012 qualifiers. The Aviva Premiership and rugby Heineken Cup are also regularly featured in epic 3D vision (visit the Sky website for more information on Sky 3D TV fixtures, where you’ll also find a handy pub finder allowing you to locate your nearest Sky 3D venue).

For the children, the Sky 3D Club is bringing some really exciting things over the Easter break (which is just when you need to entertain them!) At selected Cineworld Cinemas, Sky customers can claim up to three free kids tickets when they buy one adult ticket (at just £3!). Some of the great films available as part of the offer include the latest offering from the Shrek franchise, Shrek Forever After, and other animated goodies Monsters vs Aliens, Megamind and How To Train Your Dragon.

As with so much in Sky’s media empire, 3D is a coup for them. Sky 3D is Europe’s first 3D TV channel, ‘using the latest technology to create an incredible 3D experience’, according to their website. Visit Sky.com to find out more about this new world of entertainment, and start bringing your television to life!

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