How to Create a System Image in Windows 10


“Sponsored Links” If you have a computer that includes many partitions or drives, you can make a system image that will include all of them by following these instructions. Step 1: Open Backup and Restore Window Open up your Backup and Restore. You can do this by clicking ‘Start’, then ‘Control Panel’, then ‘System and […]

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Pricey Adapters for Apple USB Port

Apple Multiport Adapter

Apple’s new MacBook only has one USB port. This is the new tiny Type-C version that slowly appears on most devices recently. It is a port that can be connected to external devices, such as hard drives. It also transfers videos to monitors like TV screens, and provides laptops with power when it’s running low […]

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Mattel’s New Age Barbie Now Talks Back

Hello Barbie

Through the decades, Barbie has been taking on several occupations with a cheerful smile on her face. She has taken on every job possible – From a flight attendant, to a beauty queen, to an astronaut. She is a lady of many hats, not to mention, many high heels. Ever since her creation back in […]

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New Chromebook Pixel Comes with More Upgrades

Chromebook Pixel

Pixel is also known as Google’s main showcase when it comes to the company’s cloud-based Chrome operating system. This is a pricey power-user substitute for the sub-$250 Chromebooks developed by other computer manufacturers. On average, Pixel costs $999 to $1,299. The second version of the Pixel may seem familiar to some, because it actually has […]

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