In the second quarter of 2011, Kaspersky Lab experts have identified a new trend as spammers began using the various cloud services available online. Some emails contained links to the services of Google, which directed users to websites with ads or to phishing websites. Users are less likely to suspect such pages. This is because the spamming emails redirect to pages of popular online resources (eg Google Docs), while connecting using the secure HTTPS protocol that supports encryption and this reduces suspicion to some extent.

The task of spaming has lost its global nature, as spammers are forced to use smaller botnets as efficiently as possible. This means that they must choose their targets more carefully and to participate in what is known as “spear phishing” or targeted phishing. In such cases, the cyber criminals know the name of the target, even the name of the company where he/she works. When “armed” with such information, it is very easy to gain user’s confidence.

Intel introduced a new Social Media game, called the “Master of Curiosity”.

“Master of Curiosity”, is the new Social Media game developed by Intel, and is presented under the sponsorship of the company for the television series “Curiosity: The Questions of Life” for the Discovery Channel. The new show – which is considered a landmark for the famous channel – focuses on exploring a range of issues related to intelligence, neuro-sciences and nanotechnology.

The “Curiosity” game is Intel’s first investment in the game industry, and is used by the company as a global platform to promote its products with key strategic partnerships. The initiative covers the exclusive online platform, the educational programs from Curiosity which are offered through Discovery Education, as well as an integrated set of programs for social networks and mobile platforms.

Tuneup Utilities 2011

If you have had your computer for one year or more, you may find that it is running slower than it once did. If you are really unlucky, you may even find that your computer is experiencing frequent crashes or freezing. The good news is, you can fix these common computer problems with the help of a good maintenance package. The new Tuneup Utilities 2011 includes a variety of different features that can help you clean up your computer and prevent common computer annoyances such as freezing and crashing. Below is a complete Tuneup Utilities Review to help you discover what the program can do for you.

Tuneup Utilities 2011 Review – Functions

Tune up Utilities has over thirty different features that help you to repair and optimize the functionality of your computer. Because there are so many, we are not going to mention every single one here. However, we will discuss the main categories that each of these features can be divided into to help you get a sense of the different uses that Tuneup Utilities provides. The first category is status and recommendations. Upon startup of the Tuneup Utilities program, it will provide you with a list of recommendations for your computer. If, for example, the program has found an error, it will display it for you. It will also provide you with a button you can click that will take you directly to the solution for the error.

Tuneup Utilities also works to optimize your system. With over nine different optimization features, Tuneup Utilities allows you to erase any problem errors that may be slowing down your computer, allowing you to see increased performance immediately. As you may already know, another thing that can cause your computer to slow down is a full disk. The Tuneup Utilities program has two features that allow you to clean up your disk and speed up your performance. It also performs over 200 other checks that will help to maximize your computer’s performance.

Finally, Tuneup Utilities has several features that are designed to allow the user to customize their computer. Whether you want to personalize the look of your desktop, add animations, or run a flashy new screensaver, you can do so with the help of Tuneup Utilities.

Tuneup Utilities 2011 Review – Disadvantages

You can see that the Tuneup Utilities program has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. The first is that many users find the program difficult to install. However, if you are having trouble installing the software, Tuneup Utilities does have a customer service line you can call.

The second downfall of Tuneup Utilities is that it is one of the more expensive optimization programs on the market. The full version of Tuneup Utilities is $49.95, which may be considered pricey, especially if you are not trustworthy of new products. However, if you are iffy about paying $49.95 for a product you have never tried before, you can try this one first! Tuneup Utilities offers a 15 day free trial download to anyone who is interested in taking the product for a test run.

Tuneup Utilities 2011 – Summary

In sum for this Tuneup Utilities 2011 review, this program is great. Yes, it can be difficult to install and it does cost more than the regular optimization product. With that said, it also offers many more features than the regular optimization product. The best part? You don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it for 15 days absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot – it’s free!

If you happen to be someone that watches a lot of videos on the computer, and you don’t have video converter software, you’re going to need it soon.  Because one day when you decide to kick back and watch a movie, you will press play, and the video won’t start.  You’ll probably waste a lot of time trying different things to ‘fix’ the computer or the video, and then finally realize that your computer is just not able to read that particular video format.  That’s where video converter software comes in.  It can convert a video from one format to another, with just the click of a button.

Using video converter software is an easy way to deal with videos that you would like to watch, but your computer cannot play.  Video converter software can change the format of the video, so that it is able to work with your computer.  However, there’s no need to be intimidated about using the software, because it really is very simple to use.  If the video you would like to watch is not compatible with your computer, then you just have to load it into the video converter program.  All you will have to do next; is to click a button, and the software will convert the video into a format that meets the needs of the system.

Of course one of the main advantages of using video converter software, is you get to view your video really quickly.  The other option would be to adjust your computer system.  This will likely mean buying costly upgrades, or searching the internet for downloads that will enable you to adapt your computer’s system.  Either way, using video converter software is a lot easier and faster.

When you are buying video converter software, remember that there are millions of videos, with a lot of different formats.  Therefore, the best video converter software should be able to work with videos that use common file formats like MPEG, and WMV.  You want to ensure that the software will be able to convert the video format that you have, so make sure to choose the right software.

In selecting the best video converter software, be aware of two things.  Firstly, make sure you know the format of the videos that need to be converted, and secondly, know the format that the video need to be converted to.  If you select software that supports common file formats, then it is likely to cover your computer needs, but always check this beforehand to be sure.

Another advantage of using video converter software is that you will be sure that the quality of the video remains intact. When converted, the video quality will be almost equal to that of the original video.  However, you need to get the best video converter software, which is one that has the features you need to ensure high speed conversion.

The various gadgets we have such as computers, MP3 players, and mobile phones, all utilize different video formats.  Therefore, getting good video converter software is an excellent idea, because whenever you need to change a video format in order to play it on your gadget, it’s pretty easy to do.

Buy Diablo 3 – Pre Order from Amazon

The long awaited Diablo III is expected to be released at the end of this year (Dec 2011) or most probably on January 2012. When it will be released though, you will not be able to buy it immediately due to high demand. Stores will run out of stock and it may take weeks to manage to purchase this incredible game.

Amazon however is offering a pre-order option on their online store. For $59.99 you can pre-order Diablo 3 and you will get it as soon as it is officially released by Blizzard Entertainment. You will have it shipped for Free as well. Another great advantage of Amazon pre-ordering is that if the price of the game changes between now and the release date, you will get the lowest price from Amazon. This means that although the price now shows as $59.99, if Amazon offers a lower price in the future, you will get charged with the lower price.

Buy Diablo 3 from Amazon below:

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