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If you have been using computers for some time, then you understand that even computers – the marvel of modern times – can also experience difficulties and even crash once in a while. After all, a computer is a machine and machines can go wrong as well. So if you have experienced some computer problems you already know how hassling that can be. You definitely need a windows recovery and optimization tool that will correct the problems fast, if not avoid them altogether forever. Well, don’t worry: there is Spotmau PowerSuite PC Maintenance Suite. More than 400,000 people have been using the Spotmau software from all over the world. If you want to be one of them, go ahead and read the following Spotmau Review for a detailed description about this PC maintenance utility. The links also in this article offer Discounts ranging between 50% and 60% if you decide to purchase the product.

What Spotmau Can Do in Brief

Spotmau is the most preferable, all-in-one repair kit for your Windows operating system (supports all Windows versions like 98, 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA, Windows 7). It can boot up your crashed computer in case it doesn’t start up, then allows you to operate recovery tools to bring the machine back to normal operation, and perhaps even enhanced. It can recover deleted or corrupted data on the hard disk, fix registry errors, repair the Master Boot Record and Disk Partition Table, recover lost passwords, and generally perform any windows repair and optimization where needed. Best of all, it does everything safely without risking any data loss in your Windows system so you are back on an even enhanced machine very quickly

Spotmau Product Options

There are basically two main products and one bundle product. The two main products are BootSuite 2012 and PowerSuite 2012. The bundle product is called PowerSuite Golden 2012 and includes the two main products at a discount price. Let’s see the products available in more detail:

BootSuite 2012

This version is used when your computer does not boot at all or you can not get into Windows for any reason. It is a bootable CD/USB which you insert into your PC and restart. After restarting with the BootSuite 2012 CD/USB, it will help you to fix the boot up problem, rescue your Data, Backup and Restore your Files and System, Reset Windows Passwords if lost and much more. Some of its features are shown below:

  • Boot-up any computer from CD or USB Drive.
  • Boot-up even if the computer is infected with virus.
  • Recover and fix bluescreen or blackscreen problems.
  • Repair corrupted registry.
  • Repair “bootmgr is missing” or “ntldr is missing” problems.
  • Rescue files from crashed or formatted hard drive or system by transferring them to external storage.
  • Perform many Hard Disk partitioning and formatting tasks such as partition resizing, formatting, converting between different partition types, fixing Master Boot Record etc.
  • Backup individual files or entire hard disk to external media.
  • License can work for 3 PCs.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • FREE Technical Support.

So, to summarize, BootSuite 2012 is good for Fixing and Recovering purposes when your system does not boot at all. Get it Here for 50% Discount.

PowerSuite 2012

The second main product from Spotmau is PowerSuite 2012. This includes over 40 utilities and tools in a single package. PowerSuite 2012 works under Windows environment, which means that your computer must be running already under Windows. This product option is best suited for both fixing and optimizing Windows as we will see in more details in the features below:

  • PC Health Check with a single click. This feature will scan everything on your computer (software, hardware, registry, security backdoors etc) to find potential errors and problems and fix them.
  • Clean up system from unwanted and unnecessary files that take up space and resources.
  • Speed up Windows start up process.
  • Scan and fix registry errors.
  • Scan for malware security backdoors that may reside deep in your system.
  • Protect your privacy by encrypting sensitive files with password, permanently delete any file and information, clean up personal activity tracks, and even lock some programs that you don’t want your children to have access to.
  • Create a special hidden space (“Personal Safe”) that does not show up in the directory for your extremely confidential files.
  • Perform any File Backup and Restore activity you can imagine (Back up individual files, folders, partitions, entire hard disk etc and store the backup to any external device).
  • Perform any Hard Disk Formatting and Partitioning task.
  • Rescue files from formatted, crashed or damaged hard disk.
  • Recover forgotten and lost computer passwords (PC User or Administrator Passwords), or misplaced and difficult-to-find Microsoft product keys.
  • Recover other lost passwords such as email, windows live, google talk, outlook, yahoo messenger.
  • License can work for 3 PCs.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • FREE Technical Support.

So to summarize, PowerSuite 2012 offers you all the functionality and tools to make your computer perform at the optimum and also to manage your system and fix problems as well. Get it Here for 60% Discount.

PowerSuite Golden 2012 Edition

powersuite golden 2012This is the ultimate collection of all features and functions of BootSuite and PowerSuite at a discounted price (reduced price by 53% of the original price). With the PowerSuite Golden 2012 product is like having a virtual PC Technician at your home 24×7. A prime benefit of PowerSuite Golden is that it offers a one-stop solution for fixing any Windows PC problem. Modern computer users should not rely on expensive computer technicians to help them fix their computer problems, so Spotmau can help on this issue. Get it Here for 53% Discount.

Some PC problems that Spotmau Can Fix

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” (Murphy’s law). There are hundreds of possible computer problems that can happen to anyone, so having a complete PC repair utility that will help you to fix most of them is a great advantage. Also, these computer malfunctions usually appear without notice even on new computers. Lost data, crashed hard disks, slow response, viruses, corrupted files etc are some of the consequences of computer malfunction.

Below I’m describing some frequent computer problems that you can experience on your own machine and how Spotmau can help you to solve them:

Blue Screen of Death:

As the name implies, the windows machine crashes and gives a blue screen. This is a critical error and is a way of Windows Operating System to alert the user and stop all operations in order to avoid further damage. The screen will give out several error messages depending on the error. Spotmau can fix many blue screen errors such as NTFS file system error, Registry Errors, Boot System errors (e.g missing NTLDR), bad drivers etc. You can insert BootSuite 2012 in your CDROM drive, reboot the PC and follow the graphical interface tools to fix the problem.

Lost Administrator or User Password:

This is another frequent issue encountered by users. If you can not log in because you lost your Windows password, don’t worry at all. Just boot up again with Bootsuite and select the “Password Recovery” feature. It will give you step by step instructions to reset your password.

Deleted/Lost Important Files or Data:

You suddenly discover that you have lost or accidentally deleted an important file, or maybe deleted your kids pictures etc. Again by booting up with the BootSuite tool you can search and recover lost or deleted data and files.

Registry Errors:

Invalid program shortcuts, activeX errors, corrupted registry, slow computer, slow booting up etc can all be fixed and optimized with a registry clean operation. This can be accomplished with Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 package using the “Registry Cleaner” option.

Crashed Hard Drive:

The Hard Disk on our computer is probably the most susceptible component to get damaged. Because it is a magnetic media with heads that are spinning very fast, it is relatively easy to crash. The “Data Recovery Kit” included in the Powersuite 2012 suite, can help you to recover data from deleted, formatted or crashed hard disk.

Our Recommendation

Spotmau 2012 tools have everything a PC owner needs to recover from system losses and crashes, boot-up any computer, optimize and clean your system, recover data, and any other PC Maintenance and Optimization you can imagine. The software comes in an interface which is easy to use, understand, and execute. In addition, there is 24×7 Free technical support obtainable either online or via the telephone, whichever is more convenient to you.

The product beats competition on licensing because it can be used on up to three different computers with the same license.

All the Spotmau product options offer excellent value for money because if you were to purchase separately all the repair and diagnostics tools included in the package it would cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead of shopping around everyday and buying expensive single task software, Spotmau BootSuite and Spotmau PowerSuite saves you hundreds of dollars and your precious time.

The online support and customer assistance system is also truly helpful and consistent. We give SpotMau Software our Highest Recommendation. Click the Banner Below to Read More from the Official Website.


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  1. Alice says

    I think I have been fortunate for the past 6 months because I have not been a victim of some malware or virus or spyware. I had to completely reformat my computer hard drive and reinstall the Windows operating system (not to mention having to reinstall a slew of software programs that got erased in the reformatting) about a half a year ago and haven’t had an issue since. But everyone needs a system restoration method for when the inevitable happens.

  2. Nancy says

    Some of us have the good fortune of buying a personal computer from a good company which demonstrates good customer support by including a factory restore CD with which you can simply boot up the computer and the program will reformat your hard drive and restore your operating system back to factory conditions (thus the name). But not everyone has that luxury and even if you do, it is a good idea to have a product like BootSuite as a fail safe measure.

  3. Alfredo says

    Although I have personally been fortunate enough to avoid issues with my P.C., I have several friends that have not! Bootsuite sounds like an awesome product! I definitely will be checking more in to this.

  4. Angelo says

    Out of all of these AVS products, I am more interested in the Boot Suite because that is what you need to be able to boot up your computer should you get one of those catastrophic boot viruses. You need to be able to boot at the very least, on the DOS level so that you can restore or reformat your hard drive. So I hope there is a discount code I can use to buy it.

  5. Georgianne says

    I have been operating in cyberspace for a few years now on an unsecured wireless network. I can only wonder and shutter at how many times a hacker may have tried to infiltrate my computer’s data. I haven’t had any problems yet. But I know my luck will eventually run out. I don’t know how to secure my router. I wonder if any of these suites do that task for you or protect you on another level.

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