Cisco ASA 5580 Features

The 5580 is the Flag-Ship Cisco ASA model. It comes as two versions, the ASA 5580-20 and the ASA 5580-40, which differ in the performance parameters. The ASA 5580 is basically an HP Server Chassis with 6 slots on the back for inserting interface card modules. The 5580 is designed for the largest and most traffic demanding network topologies. It is ideal for high-speed data centers and large campus networks. It supports the largest firewall throughput in the hardware firewall market, with 5 Gbps (5580-20) and 10 Gbps (5580-40) capacity. It is also the only model supporting 10Gbps interfaces. Like the 5550, it does not support an embedded Security Services Module (SSM), so you cannot integrate an IDS/IPS functionality inside the same chassis.
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