The Internet is considered the information super-highway. You can find all kind of information you want just by browsing and searching online. People write and submit their articles anywhere. Article syndication is a hot trend for people looking to spread their ideas, brand, knowledge, name etc. Online Internet Marketers use also article syndication and distribution to market and promote their products. That is why Article Directories pop-up every where. These directories are intended to host all those articles that people create every day. Its a win-win situation. Article Directories get content and thus receive huge amount of traffic from Google, and therefore earn money from ads and adsense revenue. In return, the directory offers a link back to the article owner website which helps to promote his/her web property.

To automate the article distribution activities, there are a few good tools online which help you to automatically distribute your articles to hundreds of directories. An excellent tool which does this is Magic Article Submitter . This software will distribute your article to over 650 article directories in less than 20 minutes. The submitter comes also with an article rewriter tool which creates unique versions of your single article. This is useful in order to avoid duplicate-content penalties from Google which will occur if you submit the exact same article to all those directories. Check out the LINK HERE for more information about the Magic Article Submitter and Rewriter.