Has your Windows operating system been giving you trouble recently? If you feel that your operating system is not running as fast as earlier or if you are getting frequent pop-ups and errors, then maybe it is time that you looked at repairing your operating system. Automatic repairing will also help to clean out any viruses that have been infecting your system. In this article we will look at an online tool that can help you do this – Reimage Computer Repair.

This Reimage review will tell you all about this wonderful online service that helped more than a million of Windows users to revive their computer by automatically performing a scan and repairing all of the problems found in the operating system the Reimage service works for Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7 as well). Reimage PC Repair service scans your system online and then proceeds to replace the software components that are not functioning properly with new ones so that your operating system is healthy once again. This reimage review will also tell you how the service can bring back the stability of your machine and discuss the various pricing options available. Read more below for a comprehensive description of what Reimage repair is.

The full process of reimage scan and repair takes close to half an hour and is fully completed in just 4 steps. In the first step the computer is scanned and assessed, so that the tool can find problems and ill-functioning components. This step helps the tool to identify what exactly needs repairing. The second step is to remove the bad clusters and components in the operating system and replace them with new ones. The Reimage service has 25 million files available in its database in order to use them for replacing corrupted and problematic files from your system. After all fixes are applied then the machine is rebooted. And you almost have a brand new PC on your hands. The replacement of corrupted and damaged files with new ones results in a reborn operating system plus it brings back stability and health in your whole machine. Another point to consider is that corrupted files from viruses are also repaired, thus a virus infection is fully eliminated.

Computer users have identified the excellent benefits of using this computer repair service that’s why they have embraced it with such confidence. Reimage has branded itself as an ”express and safe PC repair” solution and we fully agree with it. You don’t have to waste the time and energy needed to haul your computer to the repair shop and then wait for a couple of days till it gets back. You can get it all done at the comfort of your home, and if you are someone who runs a small online business , then any time lost without a functioning machine with you is essentially a loss in business revenue.

When I first used the Reimage PC Repair service on my older Windows XP machine I had the usual fear of losing personal data after repairing. However, the makers of the software has taken into account and addressed the following risks: system incompatibility, worsening the damages and loss of end user data. Their patented technology takes data safety seriously. For example, the software does not touch any of the healthy parts in the system. It also takes extra care to protect the data in the machine, thereby making it a trust-worthy product.

The only drawback of the Reimage repair service is that it currently supports only Windows operating systems. So, if you are using a different OS such as Linux or MAC then this tool is not for you. Its price is also a steal compared to the prices charged by PC technicians.