To buy or not to buy the new iPad2

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Many clients are at a crossroad, wondering whether they ought to upgrade to the new edition mac or hold on to their existing ones. Authorized Apple stores and service provider tend to receive many of these questions and concerns.

The preliminary reviews on Appleā€™s new product, the iPad 2, which has launched recently in March, are already out. A new Mac product always raises a lot of publicity way before it hits the stores. This however is not surprising based on the superior quality and features of the expected iPad 2 computer. The excitement among the faithful Mac clients and users is understandable. The current debate revolves around the question of whether to upgrade to the iPad 2 or wait for the next generation machine that will definitely follow this one.

As you consider the options available for you, take time to read some opinions on this issue. It is too early in the day to do a comprehensive review of this computer, but there is sufficient information out there to understand what to expect. The features are extremely interesting but none of them meet the threshold of warranting an upgrade at this particular moment. However with all this said, the decision to upgrade or not should not be based on this opinion but rather on your needs. If these features are a must have for you then by all means upgrade. If you think you can live without them, hold back for a little while.

It is alleged that the iPad 2 has a much better and higher screen resolution than the original iPad. Many experts on this issue have given their opinion and it borders on the notion that already it has a great resolution and there is no need for further improvements.

Another great expectation is on the processor speed. Dual core improves on speed a lot. This however is simply not necessary at this stage. In the coming years when technology is bound to be speed and processor sensitive this may make more sense. The iOS is developing very fast and may even be launched in the market by the year 2013.

It is common to come across questions on whether the iPad 2 will be offering a dual camera that has the ability to face the front or back. This is even more pressing now that Skype supports the iOS. This feature has been included in this product and it should be some good news to potential clients. Most Apple users already enjoy the video conferencing facility on the iPhone and iPod touch. Having it on the iPad 2 will simply be an added boost. With this camera included, it will definitely be a strong selling point for it this year.

If you are the tech savvy person that must have the latest version of anything available then go for it. If not, save yourself the time and agony of standing for long hours in front of an Apple store and use your iPad for a little while longer. It will still serve you well. It may seem outdated later in the year but by then you will have the motivation to hold out for the iPad 3. For the first time owners, please disregard our argument and be advised to go for the iPad 2 which is the latest model on the market.

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