WordPress Security Hardening Service

It's a matter of time when your unprotected Wordpress blog will be Hacked and your business Destroyed.

Don't let that happen to you​

More than 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. Will yours be the next victim?​

BY HARRIS ANDREA, (CEH, ECSA, Certified Security Professional)

Security Alert

If your Wordpress blog gets hacked, it will lose all of its Google rankings and traffic, plus you will lose your reputation. Can you afford to lose money and your business because of this?

About Me

My name is Harris Andrea and I'm a certified security professional (CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker and ECSA - EC Council Security Analyst) with more than 18 years experience in the field.

I'm also the author of two security books published on Amazon (ISBN 1497391903 and 1500522902).

Apart from my full-time job as a security engineer in an Internet Service Provider, I own and operate several Wordpress blogs which have never been hacked because of the security protections I have implemented on them. Let me do the same for your own blog as well.

What I offer here briefly

The main goal of my service is to save your business from hackers by implementing strong security protection on your Wordpress blog.

Basically I'm offering a Done-for-You Wordpress Security Hardening service for your blog.

Since I'm the owner of several WordPress blogs myself, I have done extensive research, testing and tweaking to find the best combination of Wordpress security plugins and settings that have been providing the best security protection for my own websites.

Therefore, I will personally implement the best (and free) security plugins on your blog and configure them with my tested customized settings for optimal security based on my own experience from my own blogs.

Although my blogs receive hundreds of attacks every day, I have never had any blogs hacked. You will therefore enjoy the same security protection for your own website. I will also perform an overall evaluation of the current security level of your website and offer you recommendations for fixing any possible security problems.


  • The biggest benefit to you is that you will minimize the risk of losing money and customers since your website will be much more secure against hackers. A secure WordPress means more traffic and more business.
  • I have done the research and testing and have found the best combination of plugins and settings to protect my own blogs for years without any hacking incident. I will personally login to your own blog and setup everything for you so that you will also enjoy the same security protection level.
  • My "expert eye" will perform an overall security evaluation of your blog so that to catch any security holes and weaknesses that might cause problems in the future.
What I offer in detail

1)  Overall evaluation of the security level of your WordPress site.

  • Check existing WordPress user accounts and privileges.
  • Check if installed plugins have any security vulnerabilities.
  • Check current theme's source code if it contains any hacking scripts, malicious iframes etc.
  • Check if the website reveals any sensitive information that can be used by hackers.
  • Check if any malicious java scripts are loaded on the homepage.
  • Check if website is blacklisted (in 10 different blacklists).
  • Check if website hosts any malware.
  • Check if website contains any injected spam.
  • Detect any defacements on the website.
NOTE on Above Security Evaluation:

If any security problems are identified during the security evaluation phase above, I will provide recommendations how to fix them.

2) Installation and Customization of Wordfence security plugin.

I will install one of the best security plugins called "Wordfence Security". I will customize and configure proper Wordfence settings (firewall rules, login protection, scanning settings etc) for optimal security. These settings have been protecting my own websites for years without any security problems.

  • Setup proper custom firewall rules for optimal security.
  • Setup proper login security protection.
  • Setup proper scanning settings for best protection while minimizing false positives.
  • Setup proper email alert settings so that you won't be bombarded by emails every day.

3) Installation and Customization of BulletProof Security Plugin.

In combination to Wordfence plugin above, I will install another great security plugin called "BulletProof Security". The two plugins offer the best synergistic protection. I will customize and configure proper BulletProof Security (BPS) settings with additional custom code in htaccess file for optimal security. These settings have been protecting my own websites for years without any security problems.

  • Add custom code for better protection against Query String Exploits (SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting etc) while minimizing false positives.
  • Add custom code to block known referrer spammers which destroy your bounce rate statistics in Google analytics.
  • Add custom code to protect against Drive-by Download attacks.
  • Setup proper log file and email alert settings.

4) Miscellaneous Tasks.

  • I will make sure that all settings configured for both security plugins will not cause any conflicts between them.
  • I will verify that your website works fine after all of the above are finished.
  • I will deliver a report showing all the work done on your website. The report will offer also several extra tips that will further enhance the security of your website.


Because I want to introduce my professional services to you, for a limited time I have dropped the price of my service (one-time payment):

“If you search on Google for Wordpress security services, you will see that they charge hundreds of dollars for a similar service.”

Take advantage of this special price now and sleep better at night knowing that your blog is not at the mercy of hackers anymore.


After delivering the project, you can contact me within 7-days for any problems you may have related to my security hardening service, which I will try to fix. If you still experience problems I will refund your money. Also, since you will pay using Paypal, you are protected by Paypal customer refund policies as well.

Delivery Time

I will deliver the service within an average of 48-hours after receiving all the necessary details from you.

What happens after you order

After ordering my service above (using Paypal), you will be redirected to a web form to enter some initial details that I will need to get started. I will need the URL of your blog, contact information etc.

In order for me to access your Wordpress blog, I recommend you to create a new temporary administrator user and give me the username/password. After I finish the project you can delete this user.

limited time offer 

Want to Secure your WordPress but don't know from where to Start?

Let me do all the work for you to enhance the security of your self-hosted Wordpress blog before its too late. Protect your business and money. A secure Wordpress blog means more traffic and more business for you.