AVS4YOU Review

If you are looking for an unbiased avs4you review which includes also real testimonials collected from all over the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article I will try my best to enlighten you on some subtle and finer nuances of this software suit of products and also give you the major advantages and disadvantages of it. After reading my review I suggest you to visit the official website www.avs4you.com from which you can get more information if needed. If you decide to purchase the license of the products, then read below and click the Discount links to get 20% Additional Discount from the current 70% discount which is offered until the end of this month.

What is AVS4YOU in Brief

Avs4you is a collection of software tools (currently there are 18 tools available) which come as a bundle package. You can purchase either an unlimited access license or one-year access license and use ALL of the tools in the bundle with that single license. There is a Trial Download version for all of the tools from the official website. There is nothing better than trying the software first before purchasing. The tools included in the bundle are divided into 4 categories: Video Tools, Audio Tools, Image Tools and Miscellaneous Category.

License Pricing and Discounts Available

There are two license types available: Unlimited License and One-Year License:

  • Unlimited Access License

If you purchase the Unlimited Access License then you can use ALL the tools without time limits.

The regular price for the Unlimited Access Subscription license is $199 which is on Sale now for $59 (this is 70% Discount). However, I have negotiated an additional 20% Discount for my website’s visitors so you can get the Unlimited License for $47. Get the 20% Additional AVS Coupon Discount Here.

  • One-Year Access License

If you purchase the One-Year License then you can use ALL the tools for one year only. After that, the software will stop working.

The regular price for the One-Year Access Subscription license is $69 which is on Sale now for $39 (this is 57% Discount). However, I have negotiated an additional 20% Discount for my website’s visitors so you can get the One-Year License for $31. Get the 20% Additional AVS Coupon Discount Here.

Company Behind AVS4YOU

The company behind avs4you.com is “Online Media Technologies Ltd” which is based in London, UK and specializes in software development for digital video and multimedia. That’s why the best software tools in the “avs 4 you” bundle are the ones dealing with Video and Audio multimedia. The company developing the AVS products has been in the market since 2004 and has a very strong reputation as one of the best and most trusted software companies in the field of digital multimedia.

The full contact information of the company developing AVS 4 YOU is:

Company Registration No. 5042565 (Registered in England and Wales).

• Online Media Technologies Ltd.
• 29 Harley Street
• London W1G 9QR
• United Kingdom
• Phone: (44) 208 144 3359
• Fax: (44) 207 182 6722

What’s included in the AVS4YOU package

As we’ve already mentioned above, the website offers a bundle of 18 software tools divided in 4 categories:

  • Video Software Category:
    • AVS Video Converter
      • Convert video between any format (DVD, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG etc) and for different devices (iPhone, iPod, PSP, PS3, Xbox, DVD, Blu-Ray etc)
    • AVS Video Editor
      • Create videos at home with effects, transitions, titles etc, in different video formats and burn them to DVD. HD and blu-ray supported.
    • AVS Video Remaker
      • Edit current videos that you have, remove unwanted parts, change them as you like and then save them again without reconversion.
    • AVS Video Recorder
      • Transfer video from any camera/camcorder (web cam, DV camera, VHS, HD-camcorder) and save it to computer (with compression/encoding if you want to save disk space).
    • AVS Media Player
      • Watch any video format, play audio, view pictures, all with rich-functionality.
  • Audio Software Category:
    • AVS Ringtone Maker
      • Record and edit sound and audio from any input and create a ringtone for your mobile device.
    • AVS Audio Recorder
      • Record audio data and save them to popular formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA etc.
    • AVS Audio Editor
      • Get your existing audio files, songs etc or record new audio and then edit them, apply effects, cut, join, mix etc.
    • AVS Audio Converter
      • Extract audio from video files, convert between all audio formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR etc), edit audio files, convert them for iPhone etc.
  • Image Software Category:
    • AVS Image Converter
      • Apply effects and watermarks to pictures, convert between all popular image formats (JPG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, RAW, PNG etc), resize pictures etc.
    • AVS Photo Editor
      • Flexible editing for your existing photos, red eye reduction, adjust brightness/color/saturation, apply effects, supports all image formats.
    • AVS Cover Editor
      • Create and design a unique CD/DVD Disc Cover for your multimedia files storage.
  • Miscellaneous Software Category:
    • AVS Disc Creator
      • Can be used on either DVD or Blu-Ray disks, create boot disks, ISO, burn data to DVD/Blu-Ray etc.
    • AVS DVD Copy
      • Quick 1-to-1 copy of DVD media, support for normal CD/DVD/Dual Layer
    • AVS Document Converter
      • Convert any document type to other formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML, RTF etc), create e-book, protect docs with password etc.
    • AVS Firewall
      • Parental control, protect PC from malware and adware, protect PC registry etc.
    • AVS Registry Cleaner
      • Scan and fix registry, backup registry, clean registry etc.
    • AVS Antispam
      • Used with your email client (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) to block and defend against SPAM emails.


avs4you download

The best tools included in the bundle package above are the first two categories (Video and Audio Software Tools). Indeed, the company is specializing in digital multimedia technologies, so their Video and Audio tools are the best. Especially the AVS Video Converter and AVS Video Editor are the most popular from what I have gathered after reading several testimonials.

If you are looking for firewall, registry cleaner, antispam tools etc, you will find better products from other vendors, not from AVS4YOU. However, if you purchase the registration license, you will have access to the Miscellaneous Category tools anyway, so why not use those software tools as well.

Operating System Support

The software tools work ONLY on Windows Operating System (Win XP, Win 2003, Vista, Windows7, Windows8).

Some User Testimonials

Below are some actual user testimonials that I have gathered from various websites on the Internet.

Very good value for money for great set of utilities
I was looking for a video converter to convert AVCHD files to AVI for video editing. Once I started playing with the software I appreciated how flexible it is converting between different formats, you can even tweak the default profiles and create your own for instance I needed to cram down a 2 hour movie to a 400MB mp4 file to play on a mobile phone as a demo, tweaking the bit rates was easy and the output quality was great.

I then started looking at the other programs you get to download too, I find the DVD copier particularly useful.

Only drawback as stated on other reviews is that license is for a single PC. So when you buy a new one you need a new license, I hope that won’t be for some time. Still very good value for money considering the utilities you get. “ Ray (trustpilot.com)

best money I’ve ever spent
I bought the unlimited license and installed it on my desktop about 8 months ago
i have every program thats came out and just in video editing over 100hrs of 1080i of conventions and weddings has more than payed for itself,

audio converter is great and fast many choices of formats,
slideshow maker rocks, used to take me about 3 hours before in windows movie maker, but with avs it does all the work in about 30 mins

improvements needed:
would be better if it supported burning multiple dvds at once

down side:
they won’t be open long if they keep there price’s so LOW!!!!
their video editor alone is worth way more than the cost of the unlimited license

Sincerly, Jack T Hammond III” Jack Hammond (trustpoint.com)

Does what I need it to, and does it well
Pros: – Wide variety of output file types with custom parameters; this is what I needed.
– Easy to use / intuitive
– Nice selection of transitions and video effects
– Easy Chapter creation
– It works!
– Can try before you buy. Also reasonably priced.
Cons: For my needs, I can’t think of any cons. Caution on the license arrangement. Know that it is licensed per computer, so if you change computers, you need a new license. Not a con, just know, so you don’t buy just before you get a new PC. Talk to them.
Diego Segui (cnet.com)

Pros: Works, Many transitions, Awesome Effects, Overall Amazing…
Cons: -Slow to Save
-Places watermark banner on the video if you don’t buy full version
Scott MJ fan (cnet.com)

Get ready to convert all your favourite videos to the files and formats you prefer to use with AVS Video Converter. AVS Video Converter is a powerful video converter software that simplifies the conversion process without compromising features or flexibility. AVS Video Converter is one of the most versatile converters we reviewed accepting all common formats, and many uncommon formats. It also includes its own built-in DVD burner. (toptenreviews.com)

Pros and Cons


  • Being a tech guy and video/audio fanatic, I can assure you that the video/audio tools that you will get in the bundle are probably the best in the market. I have not tried the rest of the tools (yet), but for the video and audio tools I have a great personal experience.
  • Excellent price. Considering that with just $47 (or $31 for the one year license) you get to download 18 top-notch software tools, there is nothing much to say about the value for money you will get.
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Trials for all the software. Just Download, Install and give them a try before you buy.
  • Free Software Updates for life.
  • Every new software released by the avs4you website will be always free for customers that have already purchased a subscription license.
  • Unprecedented Technical Support.
  • The AVS4YOU website is full of excellent User Guides and Video How-To Guides to help you perform any supported task with the software tools.


  • License is valid only for a single computer. If you are planning to change your computer soon, then don’t buy just before you get a new PC.
  • Software works only on Windows machines (no MAC or Linux support).
  • The company might go bankrupt if they keep the price so low (just kidding!!!).

Final Verdict

After weighing all the information I have collected (user testimonials, official reviews from other websites such as cnet and toptenreviews, my own research etc), together with my own personal experience with the product, I give AVS4YOU a two-thumbs-up verdict. Especially if you are looking to get a complete suite of software tools for digital multimedia projects (video conversion, video editing, audio conversion and editing, management of multimedia for mobile devices and game consoles etc), then go ahead and purchase a license for AVS4YOU with confidence. You will not regret it.

Click the following Links for Extra 20% Discount

Unlimited Subscription License

One-Year Subscription License


avs4you download


  1. BlogAdmin says

    Hi John,

    Yes sure. You can use the AVS4YOU Video Converter tool (which is included in the avs4you bundle) to convert your DVD to iPOD video format (MPEG-4 or H264) and then transfer it to iPod. There is an application called “ACS Mobile Uploader” included in the AVS Video Converter tool which can be used to transfer the converted video to your iPod. See the following Guide to convert and transfer video to iPod

  2. Bob Kay says

    Can I convert video files in AVCHD Lite format from my Panasonic ZS3 camera into any of the other formats?

  3. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Bob,

    Yes sure. As shown on the “Supported Formats” link of the official avs4you website, AVCHD high definition format is supported. You can import the video from your Panazonic ZS3 camera and use the AVS Video Converter to convert it to any other format.

    Also, you can use the AVS Video Editor (included in the avs bundle) to make changes to your video file such as adding special effects, transitions, audio soundtrack, text etc.

  4. Aldrine says

    I am involved with online marketing and it is now necessary to include video marketing on the top list of effective techniques. Last week, one of my online friends prodded me to consider buying this all-in-one package of software. To save money in the long-run, I went for the heavily discounted $47 package. At last, I could now edit and do many dramatic things with my videos for uploading to Youtube. I am now also recommending this package to all of my friends in Facebook and Youtube…so watch out for more sales.

  5. Flor C. says

    This is already a complete compendium of very important tools covering the areas of video, audio and image management, enhancement and manipulation. What more can I ask for?

    However, I agree with Diego Segui of Cnet.com, if there is one thing I detest it is the fact that the license is to be used per computer and not per user. At any rate, we also have to understand that this is business and everybody must look for a solution that works both ways.

  6. BlogAdmin says


    Thanks for your feedback. Indeed the bundle is very useful for video management (editing, converting etc) and especially for uploading your own video creations on youtube. I use the avs tools all the time as well.

  7. BlogAdmin says


    I agree with you about their licensing scheme. If you have a fairly new computer which will last you for many years, its the best option for you to get the unlimited license and install it on your system.

  8. Leah's says

    I have reviewed the list of 18 tools and I realized that somewhere there are available free software offering almost the same features… just would like to know what can I expect from these tools which free programs could never offer?

  9. Anthony Taberna says

    Nice offer…very attractive package at a deeply discounted rate plus free trial is available before finally buying the 18 tools.

    I don’t have the time to go over the offer’s details so I have to ask it here: How long does the free trial last before I should buy the pack for $47?

  10. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Leah,

    Great question. First of all, you will never find 18 free tools similar to the ones offered from avs package. This product combines all the tools you will ever need in one single package, and they WORK. Free tools are full of bugs and full of malware, viruses, trojans etc. I would never risk the security of my computer in order to save a few dollars.

  11. BlogAdmin says


    The free trial will create a watermark on your videos, so you will need to get a registered license to remove the watermarks.

  12. Roy Moneyman says

    As one of the many satisfied and loyal customers of Online Media Technologies Ltd, I know how they are making sure that they deliver what their clients are looking for before launching any product to the market. I should know because I was involved with this company before and I experienced firsthand their dedication to producing good software.

    It is nice to know that this time they are coming up with an irresistible package at a price we all can afford. I am now reviewing the details here to see if this will suits me and my needs.

  13. Roselie says

    I am attracted to this offer of 18 tools for multimedia applications. However, my budget is still tight this month.

    Are you offering the discounts for a limited time or is this a permanent offer?

  14. Victor Labras says

    I am planning to maintain my own video log and these tools look just what I really needed. Thanks for the review here. I have read several other reviews on the Internet and although there are some neutral or even negative comments about this software, the majority of them are positive and enforcing my decision to buy. I’ll go for the unlimited access license. Very affordable and complete.

  15. Alvin says

    The photo editor works best in my digital imaging shop…we usually sourced our software with a big supplier but this time I chose to try another route. It is a good decision. Go raibh maith agat…

  16. Marco Lobredo says

    Hello, people. This is Marco from Argentina and I am into printing business. I bought my copy just last week because one of my employees recommended this site and this package of tools. I am expecting that these bundle of tools could help our business in different ways. Nice reviews.

  17. Eddie Brown says

    Cautious on the quality of the products am buying, the price for me is not so much an issue. I don’t mind shelling out more if I got much better features in return. I don’t always believe in bargain prices but this offer is an exception to that rule. When I got superb 18 products at a bargain price, you turn me into a believer.

  18. Madonna says

    I was once a customer of Online Media Technologies way back 2 years ago when I studied advertising and design in London. For sure, they won’t release products that will never speak of quality at an affordable price.

    Talked to my husband and we will avail of the unlimited license. By the way, my husband Vick is involved in tech blogging that’s why these software would be a great convenience.

  19. Albert says

    Honestly, I had some doubts not so much on the software but on the company’s availability of support. I read somewhere that the company behind this is not actually extending good customer service. After I made the purchase, I unfortunately encounter some problems related to its license. That got me a little edgy. So I contacted their support team and to my surprise someone answered back to my inquiry in less than 20 hours. Great all-in-one collection of tools with good support

  20. Peejay Paro says

    I have to admit that when it comes to purchases online, I am always cautious and would think 10 times before making the final decision. To make the story short, I bought the unlimited AVS pack 3 months ago and I can say that I am happy with my decision. The tools are so easy to maneuver and use even a beginner could adapt into them. The suite is plainly and simply working for me and my needs. Very Good for home use. However, if you need it for professional video editing work, maybe you will need to go for more advanced options like Adobe Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer etc.

  21. janeenurs says

    I found AVS4 when trying to find cheap or free homeopathic clinical software on the net – it is tempting but how does this work? They are advertising it for free, but from my understanding you need to buy their package first – does this mean they have purchased the licence for the particular sofware which they then pass on to their clients, once they/we have purchased the AVS4 software bundle….???

    Thanks in advance.

  22. BlogAdmin says

    Can you give me a link of what you found?

    AVS4YOU is a bundle product in which you get 18 software tools (mainly multimedia video/audio converter, editor etc). I don’t understand how this fits with homeopathic clinical software. Maybe you will have to purchase avs4you and then give you the other software for free. I don’t know….

  23. Leon says

    With Google’s help, I searched all over the net for an offer lower than the price here. You always come up as the winner. However, I have read an offer for 28 software. To quote: “Register once and work with AVS4YOU Package which includes 28 audio & video software.”

    Is there another package consisting of 28 software?

  24. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Leon,
    What you have seen is a typo. There is only one avs4you package, which includes 18 software tools and NOT 28. They have made a mistake.

  25. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Marco,

    Thanks for your question. If you go to the avs4you website (http://www.avs4you.com) and click on the “Registration” link (on top of the main page), you will see that they have 70% Discount until the end of this month. For example, the normal price for “Unlimited License” is $199 but they have it now on sale for $59. Also, the normal price for “One-Year License” is $69 but they have it on sale for $39.

    I negotiated an additional 20% Discount for my visitors on this site. You can get this additional discount on the links shown on my avs4you review article on the top of this page.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

  26. Bill says

    You know, I tried the trial version and liked the DVD that came out, but my computer is six years old, and despite the fact that I built it from (then) top of the line parts and it’s still kicking, who knows how long that will be? I was even getting ready to buy a yearly subscription but then read your post here. Now, I can’t. I can see selling a license that will time out after a set amount of time, but not one that will do that AND “expire” if you get a new computer. You should at the very least be able to disable a current license and get a new one for the remaining time if something happens to your computer.

    So, as it stands now, I’m going to have to look for a program I can get on CD that will still be usable if I get a new system at some point. That kind of sucks because I liked what I saw with AVS.

  27. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I understand exactly what you mean about their license issue. If you are about to buy a new PC (completely new hardware), its better to wait before buying AVS. However, as they say on their FAQ page on their website, “The old license should function with the new configuration of your personal computer after you add expansion cards and adapters, change the display and so on.“. This means that if you just upgrade some peripheral hardware on your PC (expansion cards, adapters etc) the old license will still work.

  28. John Carr says

    I’ve been involved with one of Amazon Studios “crowd-sourced” projects as part of their effort to find test films worthy to show studios Warner Bros. the potential of such a fully budgeted story. Amazon Studios is from the same people who brought you Amazon.com.

    As you can imagine, many indie filmmakers who start their careers are broke and limited with hardware and editing software. I purchased the AVS suite back in 2010 and have to say I love it. I’ve made several film shorts with the AVS Video Editor, too.

    A better resolution to the test film will be released by the end of the week, but here’s the 91 minute test film that was edited using AVS Video Editor and Video Converter:

    The trailer was edited with AVS Video Editor, too.

    I used eight editor projects representing eight parts of the film; about 10 – 12 minutes each. From the AVI files created in AVS Video Editor, I used AVS Video Converter to take all eight files and create a single mp4. The test film is under 1 GB.

    So AVS does work.

  29. BlogAdmin says

    Hey John,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback about the avs4you video tools. Its nice to have people who actually used the software extensively and share their feedback with everyone.


  30. Jim says

    I work for a Computer Company and switch out computers all the time. Infact I am on a new two day old computer right now. That said, am I to understand if I purchase the lifetime license and get a new computer I have to repurchase the license again? thx Jim

  31. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, you are right. This is a quote from their website:

    As AVS4YOU software is licensed on a per-computer basis, you will need to purchase a separate UNLIMITED or 1-YEAR license for every new computer.”

    However, technical wise, I don’t know if the software will continue working on the new machine by using the original license. Maybe it’s just a legal issue or something…I’m not sure about that.

    Also, if you change only some peripheral computer components (e.g expansion cards, adapters, new monitor etc), then you will not have a problem with the license.

  32. Andre Lotus says

    I am working as a graphic editor in a TV station here in my country. And we’ve been utilizing and taking advantage of AVS for more than 5 months now. So far so good because the tools worked great as I expected! It can be a little slow sometimes especially if the user is not yet fully acquainted with the medium but this can be easily remedied. With a little investment, this is an incredible pack of tools.

  33. Aaron Casille says

    Had I seen this site of yours reviewing AVS4YOU, I could not have spend my money on other multi-media tools which turned out to be worthless. Right now I need programs for converting video and audio format as well as video recorder and with the lowest price offered here, I think I will never go wrong. You got me, baby…let’s rock ‘n roll.

  34. John says

    Hi – bought this before finding your discount. I am still very satisfied with the product.
    But I would like to know – is there a command line interface for the individual functions. I would like to set up a batch file to convert a list of videos while away from my PC. As I see it, I can convert many input files into one output file, but not a list of input files, each into its own output file.
    Thanks, John

  35. Lady L. says

    The complete 18! Is it possible to get additional discount if I buy another license for another PC?

  36. Burton says

    This was a very helpful but brief explanation of what avs4you is. I will do like you said and go to the official web site for more information, thank you for the summary though that was very helpful in getting me interested enough to go to the web site. This sounds like a great opportunity.

  37. Helen says

    I have already purchased an unlimited license for the AVS suite. I am a video editor and I can say with confidence that this is one of my favorite bundles of software which I use to extract video clips from movies so I can reuse as visual effects or for montages in my video productions. It is excellent for converting video into other popular formats. I also love the way it easily extracts only the audio from videos.

  38. BlogAdmin says

    Lady L.

    Send me a message on my contacts page to see if I can arrange something for you.


  39. Paulin says

    This sounds like the kind of thing my husband needs for making videos and such. Every time we take a vacation he takes the videos shot and makes a movie out of them with music and everything, this would work great for that. We also have old VHS videos that we could convert with this couldn’t we? And my son would love the audio part because he is all about ringtones and music.

  40. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Paulin,
    If you have old VHS videos, then you would need a device to transfer the old analog video format into digital format on the PC. You could use the video card of the PC to capture the old video but you need a powerful card in order to keep the quality as high as possible. After you transfer the video in digital format you can use the AVS4YOU tools to manipulate the video as you wish (e.g edit the video, convert it into other formats etc)

  41. Ann says

    So you can use these tools to create videos and recreate videos? I have out wedding video that is on VHS and I would like to put it on DVD is this something that you can do with this? I also like to burn CD’s and put music in the videos is that something that is easy to do with these tools as well? This sounds great. Where do I order from?

  42. Johne Wayne says

    The price offered here is probably the best bargain I’ve found online. Before buying the pack, please clarify if there would be individual licenses for each tool or would it be for the whole package?

  43. BlogAdmin says


    The price is for the whole package. avs tools are all bundled together in one software package, so the license applies to all tools.

  44. Luton Dog says

    I am a little confused as to why the licence fee is offered in dollars when it is a British company.

    Also how do I know that it will work once I pay? What do I do if it does not? The software looks great but how do I know I am not being scammed?

    Finally how come your post is dated 2010 with comments in 2011 about an offer in 2012?

  45. BlogAdmin says

    Hi Luton Dog,

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

    Regarding your question about the license fee offered in dollars when the company is British, this is a common practice of many online vendors. US Dollar is an International currency which is accepted by all credit cards and payment processing companies (such as Paypal), so almost all online stores offer their products in Dollars, regardless where the company is located.

    To be sure that the software works as described and is not a scam, you can download a trial version from the official website and install and test it. If you buy and still not satisfied for any reason, they offer 30-Day Money back Guarantee.

    Finally, for your last question, the post is dated October 2010 but, as you may know, pages on websites start to have visitors and traffic after some period of time (which can be a few months). This happens because webpages with valuable content start to rise up in the search engine rankings and therefore are visited by more people which start to interact and leave their comments and feedback. Moreover, the offer that you mention is controlled by the official company and not from me.

    I remain at your disposal if you have more questions.


  46. Chuck says

    As mentioned above be sure that you will not be changing your computer soon, as the software will not work on another machine. I do not use most of the software but have been using the Video converter, Video editor, and image converter for the past 5 years and find the results pretty good. For editing personal videos, programs recorded off the TV the price is a bargain. I am not sure how well it will work for high quality video.

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