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Those who run Windows often find out that after frequent use of their computer, it starts to slow down considerably. Many people run their disk defragmenter, anti-virus software, and anti-spyware software to no avail. Some of these people assume that their computer is just broken, but many take the next step and run a registry cleaner.

Each program that is installed in Windows leaves registry keys. Moreover, when the programs are deleted or uninstalled, they also leave behind many of these registry keys. This is fine after a few programs are removed, but over time as more software is added and removed on the machine, the machine can really get bogged down. Registry cleaners work by removing the registry keys from programs that are no longer installed on a machine and other temporary keys that existing programs no longer need. By running a registry cleaner, many machines are able to run faster and better since they are no longer bogged down with unnecessary registry keys. The operating system (Windows) accesses and reads the registry very often, so by having a cleaned-up and compact registry area will make your PC much faster.

The Internet’s top selling registry cleaner is RegCure Registry Cleaner and many attest to how well it works. Go ahead and download RegCure Cleaner below and perform a free scan to verify its capabilities by yourself.

Some actual user testimonials that I have gathered over the internet are shown below:

sre94 (CNET Forum User)

Last year, my computer would barely run. Seriously, it took like 10 minutes for a web page to load!!! Then, I stumbled upon some registry cleaner review sites and they said RegCure was the best registry cleaner. So, I decided to try this registry repair software, and it worked! My computer wasn’t all of the sudden lightning fast, since it needed more memory, but it ran a lot better than it had before…

lhendri479 (CNET Forum User)

I have had RegCure for about 3 months now and I DO like it very much. I also tried CCleaner, but I prefer RegCure.

Jason Andes (petri forum)

We wanted to do a thorough RegCure review to see if it was worth your time and money, so we ran it on one of our IBM T42 Thinkpad Laptops that was running very slow….The results of our RegCure review test run were pretty amazing. The total boot time of our laptop decreased from 4 minutes 42 seconds to 2 minutes and 44 seconds! This was a huge improvement. The overall speed of the laptop is also much improved, and there have been no errors or crashes.

(softpedia review)

The application looks good and integrates perfectly in Vista shell. All the menus and options are in plain view and easy to access. The scan is fast and the areas covered are quite important.
RegCure manages to detect huge numbers of errors in the registry. However, not all of them are fatal to your system and not all of them will contribute to your system’s low performance.

The company behind RegCure is which was created by four software professionals (brothers) who recognized that modern computer users don’t need to be at the mercy of expensive computer repair technicians to maintain, secure, and optimize their own PC’s. Read some facts about ParetoLogic below:

  • Established in 2004, ParetoLogic is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • ParetoLogic and its CEO have been the recipient of several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Technology Company of the Year, and Innovative Excellence
  • ParetoLogic currently has seven products on the market, several of which have received public acclaim and awards
  • ParetoLogic products are available in eight languages in seventy countries around the world
  • ParetoLogic offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all of its products
  • ParetoLogic has a dedicated Customer Support Team. Their genuine desire to help people out often results in them helping customers with general computer use and maintenance issues and has garnered ParetoLogic a large number of loyal customers

Back to our product review, some popular features of RegCure include the ability for users to perform a registry backup before starting and also to decide whether they would like to clean their registry manually by selecting which keys to keep and which to remove. Moreover, the program allows those users who are slightly less computer savvy to do an automatic registry clean which selects and deletes the keys for the user. Maybe the most important feature however is the ability of the software to perform SAFE and THOROUGH registry cleaning.

RegCure also allows users to run the software when they feel it is needed and allows for regular scheduled registry cleaning. The scheduled cleaning is great for those who don’t want to be bothered with their work on their computer by running a registry scan. Instead, the user can schedule it for a time of the day, week, or month that they will not be using the computer so they won’t be bothered by the software.

The interface for RegCure Registry Cleaner is considered to be one of the most user friendly. It allows the user to watch it scan different areas of their machine and see the progress as it finds errors. This is an important feature for those who like to learn what is going on with their computer.

Different registry programs work differently, so it’s important for those looking to buy registry cleaners to look into some that work well. With over 60 million users, RegCure Registry Cleaner optimizes the speed of the PC and fixes computer errors safely and thoroughly. RegCure Registry Cleaner also allow prospective buyers to try out their software before buying. Visitors to the RegCure site can download the software and run a free scan to see if the software fits their needs.

Studies have shown that registry problems in computers can lead to system errors and crashes so it’s important to run a registry cleaner regularly.

Click the button below to download the product, install it and perform a FREE scan of your system.

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  1. Dave says

    If you download information from the internet, add or remove programs from your PC, delete files from your desktop, move files from one folder to another then at some stage you will need to use a registry cleaner to optimize your PC. This is the only way for your system to return back to it former glory.

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