Windows Computer Startup Problems-How to Fix them

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If you are facing computer startup problems such as your machine taking longer and longer to boot up, then it is time to take some positive action before total disaster strikes. It could be an early warning signal that your operating system needs a health check and if you ignore it you are likely to face a computer crash soon and lose precious data in the process.

You need to address computer startup problems quickly as it could even signify a virus attack or a spyware or other malicious software that is running in the background. These need to be identified and stopped and if you are not a computer geek you would need professional assistance to get your machine back to superior performance.


One way to avoid computer startup problems is to keep your operating system in top shape at all times. For this you need to do frequent verification of your system files and services to make sure that they are not corrupted. You also need to keep applying patches and service packs as and when they are released so that you plug all the holes in your operating system successfully.

If you have been using Windows XP as your operating system then there is this cool new service that can help you avoid computer startup problems or any other Windows XP crashes and errors – it is called Reimage. It is a service which can replace any faulty Windows components in your system thus helping you fix any computer startup problems or other errors caused by your operating system. The service will also tweak your operating system settings in such a manner as to speed up your Windows XP significantly thereby reducing the time needed to startup your machine and also helps to avoid computer startup problems. Another solution for Windows Startup Problems is a repair software CD, such as SpotMau Bootsuite 2011.

If you want to try some quick solutions for your computer startup problems then you can do a Google search for your problems and try out some of the suggestions available in online forums. There are several tutorials offering your free advice but you really need to be careful when you try these out yourselves to reduce your computer startup problems or else you might just end up having more problems than you started off with. This is especially true if you are trying to edit registry entries or replace system files by yourselves. Also, these will only be quick fix solutions and your problem is likely to recur sooner than later. Therefore it is a good idea to leave such things to the experts and with Reimage offering you the service that will get completed within 30 minutes, you really don’t have an excuse to keep delaying taking any action to reduce your computer startup problems. What is more you can even get your money back in case you are not satisfied with the services that they offer. Always remember that a stitch in time saves nine and the more you delay addressing your computer startup problems the more trouble you are likely to face at a later date. Act now!

Regarding the other repair solution that I mentioned before, you can read a SpotMau BootSuite Review here.

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