How to recover data from a crashed hard disk

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When you rely on a computer for work or recreation, you have to learn to prepare for the worse. There will be a day when your hard drive may crash. It will give a faint warning by making weird grinding noises. After that happens, all of a sudden your screen will go black. Unfortunately, when this happens, people are not prepared for it. Most users, will go throughout their entire computing lives, without making a single back up of their data on the hard drive. Or they will back up data only once a year, and are surprised when this data is not updated, when they try to restore it. At the very least, you should have your system set up with system restore points every couple of days. Luckily, even in the event of a hard drive crash, there are ways to be able to save the data on a crashed disk.


Now you have to remember one thing as we list the methods that might help you save the data on your hard drive. None of these are full proof methods . It is at best a 50/50 chance that this information will save the data from your hard drive. There is still a good chance that your hard drive is too far gone to be saved by this point. If that is the case, then you must make sure that you dispose off the hard drive very carefully. Even though the data should be impossible to get, you still do not want to take the chance that some bad guys get your hard-disk and steal your personal information from it.

The first method that you should use in trying to save the data from your hard drive, is to use a specialized software solution that is specifically made for this task. There are many different programs that can help you accomplish this. The best all-in-one computer repair software to help you restore your data is Spotmau Powersuite. This software, in addition to restoring data from a crashed hard-disk, is a complete computer repair solution which can be used for many different computer problems as described in the official Spotmau website here. The Spotmau Powersuite program can help you solve your data recovery problems guaranteed.

The second method in recovering data on a crashed hard drive, is to hook the drive up to another computer. You have to make sure that the drive is hooked up as the secondary drive, or slave drive. This will allow you to see the hard drive contents without using that same hard drive to boot up. If there is anything to be found on the drive, you will be able to access from the Windows explorer menu of this new computer.

These are the two ways that you can recover data from a crashed hard drive. Neither technique is fullproof but have worked in the past for many users.

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